Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Fwd: A Suitable Girl

Natasha Mitra (lame!)

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Mitra,

My name is Gopal Mehta, and I’m a 2nd year banking analyst at the most prestigious firm on Wall Street. This morning, I received an email from my mother that read; “Beta, how do you like this lovely Indian girl?” and she pasted me a link to the New York Magazine article featuring your daughter, the private equity associate at Carlyle, Natasha.

As soon as I opened the link and saw your daughter there looking all glam and urban and hip, I knew we were destined for one another. I read her interview, and visions of us skipping about on icy mountaintops in tank tops and me riding in on a horse to wed Natasha have literally taken over my mind. The wedding I’m imagining will be make the Mittals’ look like a glorified civil union (I was Princeton, too. Imagine how much orange we could use!).

I’ve found myself spelling out NATASHA in my Excel worksheets with red formatted cells all day long (F4 facilitates doing this, fyi). The sweet sounds of bhangra are playing in my head even as I write this email.

Look at your daughter. Just look at her. She’s amazing.

Well, I mean, I can’t exactly see her from behind that huge ass duffel bag and those snowboarding goggles, but from what I can distinguish of her face, it looks like the $15k you invested in electrolysis has served its purpose (and with limited scarring — nice work!). On a side note, are you sure that bag’s Vuitton? I’m no expert, but it kinda looks like a sack of rice hung itself with a thick noose. Whatever, at this point my only other option here is Kavita, the IT chick that brings her lunch to work in a brown paper bag (how tragic is that, btw?).

Anyhow, back to the point. I know Natasha is “wild and crazy and different,” as she puts it, and that’s why I know we’d be good for each other—because we both pride ourselves on our individuality. I mean, heck, we’re both in Finance, right?

I also find it comforting Natasha has people who pick bags for her and decide what she will like; I, too, prefer to have my tastes being dictated to me. At the same time, though, Natasha buys from off-the-radar designers like Versace, Gucci, Dior, and D&G—and that’s exactly the kind of personal flair I’m looking for in a girl. Does she by any chance have a Vera Bradly small duffel?! Damn, those are hot.

Cause I’m an upfront guy, Mr. and Mrs. Mitra, I’ll put it out there so it’s not an issue in the future—I’m a year younger than Natasha. I urge you, though, not to weigh that too heavily. What I lack in age, I will make up for in prestige. I’ve already (basically) got a position secured at a top PE firm (I would have gone with Carlyle if I had realized that had such foxes), and I’m getting 800’s on all my practice GMATs. I’m not in at HBS just yet, but hey, at least I’m not Muslim, right?

Here’s the most important thing, though—I’ll take care of your daughter and treat her right. Natasha’s is all about “consuming.” As she says, “consuming is her specialty.” That’s classy. And as it turns out, I’m all about “providing.” Once she quits her job, I’ll provide her with a home, a stipend, and all the clothes and valium she’ll ever need. One thing: it might be a few months before I can take down $3,500 bags on a weekly basis. We do get to keep using your AMEX in the interim, right?

Your astrologer or ours?


p.s. I hope she’s talking about consuming goods and not consuming meat (not ok with Mommy, or Krishna for that matter).
p.p.s. Please disregard entire email if you are South Indian and/or Christian.


Dear Bear, Sterns, & Co:

Perhaps a bit crude to post about your ex-Bankers in succession, but, as you understand, this could not be avoided. More importantly, it’s curious exactly what kind of environment at Bear (perhaps just the name) exists that facilitates your Bankers having such big chips on their shoulders that they need to show the world how blinged-out they are by talking to the media.

But either way, great with work both Natasha and Andrew. And please, keep doing what you’re doing.

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  1. +1 votes + -
    Clinton Portis Said:

    S&T > Dog fighting > PE > banking. S&T all the way baby.

  2. +27 votes + -
    straight talker Said:

    I?m not sure, but Carlyle may not be taking her back after HBS after this bonehead move. Why do these idiots keep giving interviews to reporters? Did the reporter convince her that she and her freaking moonglasses being displayed this article would help her meet rich, eligible Indian bachelor kids? HBS should renege on its offer just for letting a dummy into their school. She wouldn?t last a week at Chicago, some local from 62nd Street in Hyde Park would steal her bag first of all when she was crossing the midway, and second she?s clearly not focused on investing her money in positive NPV projects like most Chicago chicks are.

  3. +28 votes + -
    not anon Said:

    wow douchebagery isn?t gender exclusive, i guess. also, fantastic pps.

  4. +4 votes + -
    Not bad Said:

    Pretty funny. The electrolysis comment was great. But come on, even a retail banker knows to use ”f4?.

  5. +9 votes + -
    amish Said:

    Genius, from the title all the way to the p.p.s.

  6. +23 votes + -
    Dogg Pound Gangsta Said:

    with a schnoz the size of a king kong dildo and a beat up face like that, no wonder she needs shades that fit half her face and a giant bag that?s her size? she needs as much detraction from her face as she can get?

  7. -17 votes + -
    straight talker Said:

    that?s someone?s daughter you?re talking about dogg pound.

  8. -16 votes + -
    Charles Said:

    Very funny post, whatever business acumen she may have posessed (ok, who am I kidding) obviously was compromised by the interview. And if Bear employees are going to talk to the media, how about complaining about the failed health inspection in the company cafeteria. That?s fucking disgusting, and that?s why I don?t work at Bear. p.s. ”(I would have gone with Carlyle if I had realized that had such foxes)” if I had realized THEY had such foxes or if I had realized that THEY had such foxes?either one works, but you obviously made a careless mistake. Stop slacking just because you got a book deal or my MD will come and piss on your face.

  9. +13 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    HaHaHa? simply awesome !!

  10. +14 votes + -
    KAD Said:

    Hilarious!! The look on Ms Mitra?s face if and if at all she discovers this piece. Priceless!!

  11. -3 votes + -
    Alex Said:

    I LOVE TO CONSUME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. +15 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    Way to go HBS! Admitting Natasha was a Mensa move all the way. ”We educate leaders who make a difference in the world” Yeah right? Hilarious post btw.

  13. -6 votes + -
    Ali C Said:

    ain?t no Muslim guys marrying this hideous broad shauty?keep up the good work though?you mad funny son!!

  14. -7 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    ??????”????????????????????????????????????”???????”?? I want to make friend for you

  15. +12 votes + -
    dont wanna be a playa no more Said:

    it?s butt ugly girls like natasha who make every cat want to stop being a playa? she better make bank after hbs, because no one is marrying her for her looks?

  16. +32 votes + -
    Jim Jones, Dipset Said:

    Yet another disturbing example of a hideously ugly woman that thinks being fashionable makes up for looking like a mangled hyena. She is only wearing that big bag to hide her body (or lack thereof). When she gets out of HBS she will have been arranged to Gopal and so with a different last name nobody will remember her to be the serpent that she is..

  17. +12 votes + -
    sack of rice Said:

    this bitch should climb into that bag (glasses and all) and have someone push her off the gw into the hudson because she is painfully ugly and probably smells like curry down there.

  18. +35 votes + -
    ibk Said:

    i never knew it was so easy to get into Carlyle

  19. +7 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    I know a girl name Sana that Gopal would LOVE

  20. +25 votes + -
    Armani Suit Wearer Said:

    Let me put y?all up on something. The only reason Natasha works at Carlyle and is pursuing an MBA at Harvard is because she knows that the PE/finance world is the only one in which there are enough old, balding, overweight, unhappily married, no-game having, douche-baggy guys who might actually find her decent looking and give her any amount of attention. Put this beast in any other environment where she is surrounded by decent looking women, and shes not getting a second glance from Gopal, BeetleJuice, Ellen DeGeneres or Benji..

  21. +78 votes + -
    Sundip Murthy Said:

    I am truly offended by the repulsive comments about my colleague on this page. I give you my word she is not the ugliest at Carlyle. And is always kind enough to oblige us with BJ?s on those late nights when our poor judgement prevails over our eyes. Update: The communications department at The Carlyle Group emailed to inform that Sundip Murthy did not, in fact, write this comment falsely posted under his name.

  22. +10 votes + -
    CanadianFinance Said:

    Has HBS lowered their standards? And what the hell do you put in a bag that size?!? Gopal, you can do better!

  23. +6 votes + -
    Singh Low Said:

    Hey Charles, if you?re that worried about the cafeteria?s food as one of the pieces of your employment package, maybe your priorities are a little out of whack. I?m guessing you?re packing on 2 bills plus, and are only 5?9?. Ali C, you and I both know that you muslim dudes will marry whatever you get, come on NOW. This Natasha biatch would be a queen back in the desert compared to the other biatches even though she?s a mutt here.

  24. +16 votes + -
    upset in banking Said:

    How does such a rediculously dumb bitch get into HBS? This is proof that the world is fucked in the head.

  25. -3 votes + -
    anon Said:

    yeah?i guess you have to bling out if you look like a walking piece of turd?

  26. +3 votes + -
    anon Said:

    she got into hbs? new ?special needs? section – they have a quota

  27. -8 votes + -
    PE Said:

    Granted Natasha is a little on the ?materialistic? side?but she?s a pretty nice and smart chick, I worked with her at Bear and she knows her shit. As for all the ?haters??just a hint of jealousy about the Carlyle / HBS thing? Say what you want about whether she?s good looking or not but eat a dick if you wouldn?t want either or both on your resume. And to ?Charles??I?m glad you took the time out of your day from giving your ?MDs? reach arounds but believe it or not, NY has food options outside a cafeteria (what he says, really?). The most likely reason you didn?t work at Bear is your name is Charles and by default that makes you a loser, Chuck?how do you like working in the JC Penny Finance dept? I hear they?ve got a great benefits program.

  28. +1 votes + -
    S&T > IBD Said:

    I?D HIT IT.

  29. -7 votes + -
    Jerome (aspiring Principal) Said:

    Suvery question for everyone on this site: Whom is better looking, Natasha, or Sandra Oh from Grey?s Anatomy? ( Vote +1 for Natasha, -1 for Sandra Oh.

  30. +7 votes + -
    Chitown Baby Said:

    this girl is the poster child for ”diversity”

  31. +6 votes + -
    anonymous Said:

    Singh Low>>> This is probably a waste of time, as I suspect you have more than enough problems in society to begin with. But here goes – always remember that regardless of how nice your suit looks or whats coming out of your mouth, people are really thinking to themselves as to what that peculiar thing on top of your head is. Clients always love to see a Geico caveman put on a turban and matching suit and pretend to be bankers. You Sikks are a real riot.

  32. +1 votes + -
    alec Said:

    Jihad on Natasha Mitra!

  33. +2 votes + -
    wow Said:

    Natasha?s parents should consider having an abortion asap! I realize it?s a little past the first trimester but her hideousness makes me feel ill.

  34. +24 votes + -
    straight talker Said:

    Just wait til Natasha gets to HBS and 3/4 of the class has already got her pegged from this article. Actually only 1/4 of the class will be aware upon arrival as half of the class is somewhere in Africa still finishing up rescuing families from plague and misery, while the other 1/4 are packing up their bags to go spend the summer at Daddy?s Sagaponack spread. Hopefully Natasha will spend the summer writing a paper titled ”Electronic Media in the 21st Century and How it Can Really F&ck with Your Career”. Anybody wanna guess what kind of a tongue-lashing she?s received from her superiors at Carlyle for this interview?

  35. +3 votes + -
    Valentino Said:

    Wonder if Natasha worked on the Carlysle buyout of Valentino. She threw out a bunch of brand names, yet didn?t even give any pigeon drops for Carlysle?s deal. It just shows how Carlysle and its drones are committed to Valentino?

  36. +3 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    Jerome, your commentary and command of the English language leave much to be desired. ”Asiring” principal indeed!

  37. -18 votes + -
    Hedgie Said:

    Straight Talker, I?m willing to bet most of the guys at HBS will be dying to hook up with her. It?s okay that you?re bitter because you didn?t go to HBS and didn?t work at Carlyle, instead slaving as a back office guy at a second-tier bank.

  38. -5 votes + -
    Jerome (aspiring Principal) Said:

    To the idiots who commented on my grammar, asiring is not a word, asPiring, however, is. Nice try and good luck at that ”boutique” investment bank that does a lot of ”research” and hasn?t had a sell side mandate in over two years. Ass-pirate..

  39. +3 votes + -
    straight talker Said:

    Hedgie-Schneider, I already smacked you around once in the 87% story, do you want some more? Hedge likes to throw around figures like ”low 7-digits” when referring to the price of a condo he?d like to buy. What a clown. HBS grads are often pillow biters, and I suspect that you may be both. Go back to your Christopher Street bars, and leave the rest of us to talk bidness, or would you rather bang Natasha again, as it seems like you?re sticking up for here. The closest place you?re going to be to working at a hedge fun is a 1st year analyst at a fund of funds, stud muffin.

  40. -24 votes + -
    jjc1122 Said:

    Straight Talker, Your ignorance and arrogance continue to amuse me. I personally don?t find Natasha attractive, but all this animosity from people who got rejected at HBS and Carlyle is unwarranted. FYI, 1/2 of the HBS class don?t spend their summers before b-school, working in Africa or frolicking at Sagaponack. But I guess you wouldn?t know that since it?s painfully obvious that you didn?t go there. I guess two years in that shithole known as Hyde Park does that to you. However, spring break is a different story; HBS students go to Vegas, Miami, LA, Brazil, Greece, just to name a few spots. Have fun living in mediocrity. I?ll put in a good word for you at Bear Stearns, if you decide to move up.

  41. +6 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    ‘?But either way, great with work both Natasha and Andrew. And please, keep doing what youre doing. ?” hahaha, you are a genius!

  42. +6 votes + -
    alec Said:

    Enough of this unnecessary kuffar speak, when will we launch the jihad? When will two men from south Jersey double team her in the bowery? When will I get to stalk her on MySpace and send her pictures of teddy bears with knives through them? JIHAD!

  43. +1 votes + -
    waiting in the airport for my flight Said:

    Hedgie, you are SO wrong about HBS dudes? We are not all tools afterall.. plus, there are lots of ”Natasha”s here, already not getting the attention they seek? ?though every product has its market.

  44. -23 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    You douchebags have way too much free time on your hands. Get a LIFE and stop making fun of people that you don?t even know. You all should be ashamed.

  45. -36 votes + -
    Anonymous1 Said:

    OK guys its fairly simple whats going on : a) She shouldnt have had that article published it was a dumb thing to do BUT b) Its interesting to see the 2nd raters who never really made it in the finance world jump up and down c) I didnt get into HBS this year and am applying next year again. Having many friends and having spent a lot of time there – they are clearly some the most impressive people on the planet and the most down to earth. You guys should concentrate less on humiliaiting a girl you dont know, and continue in your mediocre, and focus more of your effort and trying to be 1st rater, and trying to get into any PE firm or any top 5 business school – YOU ARE ALL SECOND RATERS WITH AN INFERIORITY COMPLEX – SHE HAS MADE IT AND YOU HAVENT

  46. -12 votes + -
    CorpLawStudent Said:


  47. -24 votes + -
    CorpLawStudent Said:

    I can?t believe the level of attention that she is getting. She was just doing a routine interview about fashion?That is what that particular part of that site is about. To put this level of criticism against her is just stupid.

  48. +12 votes + -
    you faggots Said:

    @ CorpLawStudent: is it you Natasha? now go employ some real PR people to sort out your mess cause posing as someone else on this page will not cut it

  49. -8 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    Jerome, your initimate knowledge of ”boutique” investment banks is a bit suspicious?Sausage smuggler!

  50. -4 votes + -
    Chitown Baby Said:

    Guess what, we dont have vapid dumb btches like this in Chicago. We just have cool chicks who like to drink and run along the lake. Fck NY

  51. -1 votes + -
    truth talker Said:

    1) all you mofos would kill to work at Carlyle 2) 95% of you mofos would kill to get into HBS. If you?re delusional enough to believe your MBA stacks up, unless you went to Wharton or Stanford, you?re mistaken. That being said, she?s a dumb bitch for talking to reporters after that whole Andrew thing. But then again, who?s really obsessing over that besides a couple of wannabe BSDs on this board.

  52. -2 votes + -
    Jerome (aspiring Principal) Said:

    @ Anonymous Said: May 25th, 2007 at 6:34 am I see you have a chip on your shoulder, your dad is a principal too, isn?t he? Worthless swine..

  53. -4 votes + -
    Wondering Said:

    If Natasha is going to HBS, wouldn?t she be an analyst at Carlyle rather than an associate?

  54. +9 votes + -
    Sasuke Said:

    I?m new to NYC and am very interested in one day attending HBS. But are the girls there truly as ugly and shallow as Natasha? Then maybe its best to move to the West Coast. While so many important causes in the world need charity, repugnant Shrek-looking young women like Natasha are draping themselves with bags that could fund the educations of 20 or so thirld world kids for a year.

  55. +3 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    ‘Your ignorance and arrogance” jjc 1122 said, like the Frenchie?

  56. -9 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

  57. -4 votes + -
    To MORON Said:

    Anonymous1: Is this English? ”You guys should concentrate less on humiliaiting (it?s HUMILIATING???, there is not an ”i” after the a???; MORON!) a girl you dont (don?t is short for do not and therefore requires an apostrophe; MORON!) know, and continue in your mediocre (what type of a word is mediocre? And, therefore what should it modify? We are what we preach; MORON!) and focus more of your effort and (should you use and??? or on??? here? MORON!) trying to be 1st rater (Please define 1st rater???? MORON!), and trying to get into any PE firm or any top 5 business school – YOU ARE ALL SECOND RATERS WITH AN INFERIORITY COMPLEX – SHE HAS MADE IT AND YOU HAVENT” (How about punctuations here?; MORON!) Seems kind of ironic that you: a) told people on this blog to ”concentrate less humiliating a girl that you do not know”, and you then call everyone ”SECOND RATERS WITH INFERIRIORITY COMPLEXES”; b) call people ”SECOND RATERS” when you do not know how to use 5th grade english; and, c) Applied to HBS? I am shocked you did not get in! I agree that it is silly to pick on this moronic girl, but please think before you write!

  58. +5 votes + -
    dogg pound gangsta Said:

    @ Corplaw and Anonymous1 (aka rejected by HBS, but sucking up in hopes of getting a better letter of rec this time)? No one is hating on her success. We are just stating the fact that she is butt ugly and must accessorize to hide what god has given her?

  59. -10 votes + -
    jjc1122 Said:

    ok, I admit it, yes she?s a friend of mine, and yes I did used to date her, but who gives a crap, we?re talking about smarts, not looks. You ought to see her fly through the NY Times crossword puzzle in the morning in cute little jammies. And while this interview probably hurt her post-HBS chances to go back to Carlyle, she?ll be able to interview other places still, at least some boutiques. And if not, she can always fall back on a corp fin rotation program. What about the rest of you, what can you say about yourselves?

  60. +2 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    What I find strange is that nobody commented on her line of, ”I guess a lot of craftsmanship goes into it.” Riiight, it would be cheaper to have her boss at carlyle make the bag if it were about craftsmanship at $3,500.

  61. -11 votes + -
    toughasnails Said:

    yes,Natasha does suck, and I agree that Carlyle sucks too, as do the dorks who attend HBS?BUT DONT NOBODY MAKE FUN OF BEAR!!!!! You schmucks who work at Carlyle, GS, Morgan, Deep Water Creek Capital, or wherever the f*ck you work, couldnt last a frickin day at BEAR!!! How Natasha got in, I honestly DO NOT KNOW?.Im gonna go break some skulls up in Human Resources until I find out who let her slip through?.. BUT NONETHELESS?BEAR IS BAD ASS CUTTHROAT AS IT GETS BABY!!!! I INVITE ANYNOE OF YOU PUSSIES TO TRY TO SPEND A DAY ON OUR FLOOR?.I GUARANTEE YOU WILL RUN FOR THE HILLS HOLDING YOUR DEUSHEBAG AND CRYING!!!

  62. +12 votes + -
    Louis Winthorp Said:

    I would touch that trim. Young women cut from Natasha?s cloth? nothing brings them back down to Earth like a good deep-dicking.

  63. +17 votes + -
    ADAZ Said:

    The best part is when she?s like? Was the bag expensive? Yes??”about $3,500. I guess a lot of craftsmanship goes into it. Yeah, natasha thats it. Or maybe its made of magical cows that give non-fat soy milk. Umm..doesnt Natasha work in consumer goods PE? She is a catch.

  64. -6 votes + -
    Natasha Said:

    Thank You all for you love!!

  65. +4 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    And she can?t spell either !! What a disgrace..

  66. +4 votes + -
    corporate punk Said:

    That chick is f*cked for giving such an interview. Stupid Carlyle for hiring someone like that.

  67. -6 votes + -
    euro Said:

    As a european I am surprised of these reactions smelling hate,racism and jealousy. I thought that success was seen positively in the US society. Obviously not,because if this is not beeing successful for a 26 years old person?

  68. +8 votes + -
    raoul duke Said:

    Prime post-fetal abortion candidate.

  69. +9 votes + -
    princess Said:

    you boys need to leave natasha alone! she just thinks she?s an indian paris hilton, only much more hideous. go give your MD a rub and tug. dont add more misery to her already fucked up life.

  70. 0 votes + -
    London Said:

    i must admit that i am rather surprised at the amount of emotional energy you yanks put into these posts – do you sincerely feel so profoundly distressed by some poor girl?s rather unfortunate interview? on another note: the attitude ibankers seem to cultivate on your side of the atlantic is really quite entertaining, not to say amusing. keep it up, you make us smile over here in the old world

  71. +6 votes + -
    banker Said:

    go back to europe you capri-pant-wearing fucks

  72. -10 votes + -
    piglet Said:

    when did this turn into a lame desi banker blog? we don?t care about your little ”find me a wife” war stories ? boooooooooorrrrrrrrring go back to being a WASPy prick with a good head of scots irish hair who?s on his way to becoming the next david bonderman desis hightail it off to india/pakistan with hopes of starting a big, bad south asian PE fund, but always come back to the states with their tails between their legs asking for a job a boutique bank the BSDesis are few, far between, and look half scots-irish anyway we want white boy shit, it?s more fun oh well ? who am i kidding. since you got your lame little book deal these once-a-month posts have fallen off horribly anyway ? a far cry from posts like the one about soothingly gargling the idea of PE ? bloggers run out of shit to say at some point or another, it?s sad it happened here so early

  73. +13 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    Leveraged sellout is authored by an indian male, you dumbass, left-wing politically correct Eurotrash..

  74. -4 votes + -
    blah Said:

    Leveraged sellout is authored by an indian male, you dumb left-wing politically correct Eurotrash?

  75. +2 votes + -
    y Said:

    blah – euro and London were referring to the comments as being racist and filled with jealousy, not the original post by LSO. You might want to spend more time on your critical reasoning and less time on your (politically incorrect) soap box before calling people dumb?

  76. +2 votes + -
    spell right! Said:

    i love your post – but just wanted to point out it?s bear SteArns not Bear Sterns – sorry for being a spelling fascist. bad habit.. i remember the good old Peter Chung email from Carlyle – didnt that dude get fired?

  77. +5 votes + -
    winnie the pooh Said:

    Piglet is just mad because in a room that consists of himself and nineteen female desi bankers who don?t necessarily speak english that well, he?s still the dumbest, has the least balls, is most likely to join a service provider, and stil going downstairs to get the lunch despite being a fourth year ?special? analyst. Sad little boy..

  78. +2 votes + -
    Blackstone Capital Partners I Said:


  79. +2 votes + -
    Analyst Said:

    This one was a classic – nice to see the sending up of a fellow Ivy League Indian American. I dunno the male:female ratio at HBS, but I?m guessing it?s at least 2:1. So the lovely Natasha might actually be able to score a decent-looking bloke there. Especially since a lot of the other female students will probably be in her league. My mate from McKinsey says the girls there were mingers (look it up), and HBS is full of ex-McKinsey types.

  80. +6 votes + -
    anonz Said:

    Man – these Desi?s need to stop thinking about being and marrying another Desi – its the only way forward. Right on, its so boring. The only way any other ethnicity got ahead was by just blending in and doing their work. Now days its all about this lame a** bullshit. Lets face it, this b*tch isn?t comfortable in her own skin and thinks that HBS and PE/Finance will change that. Dead wrong.

  81. -14 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    What?s prestigious about working for a firm with connections to Bush and the Bin Ladens, that probably sponsored 9/11 and made a huge profit out of the defense related companies in its portfolio courtesy of the ”War on Terror”.

  82. +1 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    Is there an aussie on the board? My mate from McKinsey ? score a decent-looking bloke ?

  83. -1 votes + -
    Hedgie Said:

    Analyst, Your friend has no idea what he?s talking about. The girls at HBS were pretty decent; some of them were hot. Of course, they don?t compare with girls in LA but for top MBA students, they were a decent lot. I guess your friend is bitter due to his lack of success with women.

  84. -5 votes + -
    Anon Said:

    no where did it mention in the original article that she worked at Carlyle..only mentioned on this blog?

  85. -1 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    Hedgie, his point was about McKinsey, not HBS – I was extrapolating. Anyway what is the M:F ratio like?

  86. -1 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    Oh and he has been with the same girl since he was 18 and is very happy about it, but he still wouldn?t have minded something nice to look at when he raised his eyes from the spreadsheets.

  87. +1 votes + -
    Sin Said:

    OK, that was terribly amusing. I?m still not sure how I even wound up here, but I?m glad I did.

  88. +1 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    Anon – google is a wonderful tool? you can find it at

  89. +4 votes + -
    Fucktard Said:

    Leave Natasha alone. Life isn?t about sex. Life is about children and passion. And spirit. It?s not about fucking and balls and pussy. It?s about love. It?s about people. It?s about connection. It?s not about cock and ass and tits and butthole pleasures. It?s not about this rusty trombone and dirty Sanchez. And Cincinnati bowtie. And your pussy juice cocktail and this shit-stained balls.

  90. -6 votes + -
    Kevin Said:

    Natasha might not be a beauty qeen. Hey but look at the bright side she is not a muslim.

  91. +4 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    Most American born Indian Bitches are far more materialistic than any other race. They are usually money hungry whores. This article only sheds an ounce of reality.

  92. +2 votes + -
    Fucktard Said:

    > Europe is far more racist than the United States. Success doesn?t equal big ass ugly handbags, mon frere.

  93. +1 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    What happened to all of the put buyers on here? I guess we?re not the assholes we used to be?

  94. +4 votes + -
    straight talker Said:

    Hedgie, you just showed your true colors and tastes. If you think HBS girls are hot, you must be one geeky, broke-ass, corpulent, brooks brothers shirt wearing motherfu*ker. Ha ha, hilarious. He actually calls HBS girls ”hot”. Have you been anywhere outside of your 41st M&A floor location since leaving b-school? Even L.A. girls would look good compared to your HBS freaks. I tell you what, next time we?re headed to Marquee for drinks, we?ll invite your fat ass to join us so you can see some real hizzos, though you most likely won?t get past the gay doorman. And not ugly ones like Natasha and her ilk. I?m talking Amanda Hearst, Tinsley Mortimer, etc.

  95. 0 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    can introduce u more suitable girls than this one hahaa good luck buddy hope u will find the soul mate

  96. +4 votes + -
    Frenchie Said:

    ‘Europe is far more racist than the United States” Fucktard said, I agree with you? especially French and Dutch !

  97. +27 votes + -
    general tso Said:

    Kevin, you missed the whole point, which is probably because you are a Big 10 grad with a C average and now a mortgage loan officer, sizing up a third tier business school which will propel your career in sales and put you well on your way to making those low six figures ? once and for all (good luck!) The point of Gopal?s little satire is not a slam on Muslims (as your comment suggests), but that more and more Hindu chicks are bringing Pakistani, Indian, and sometimes Arab Muslim guys home to ma and pa, which is generally considered wholly unacceptable, because only a Hindu would be suitable in such a situation, despite the potential groom?s cash-lined pockets. A lot of my more unsavory Indian and Pakistani Muslim buddies (the non-devout sort) use Hindu chicks like Natasha here as target practice, and sometimes they slip up and catch feelings and have to make the demoralizing trip to a Hindu household to make the dicking official with a diamond ring. This usually makes for a great 5-year saga which ends in everything from utter heartache to nominal conversions of the Hindu girl to Islam (this sometimes leads to trust fund cash being held in limbo by anxious Hindu ?rents), but I digress. Anyway, no sense in wasting time on you. If you knew more Desis, you?d know the sheer glory of being the white dude at the Desi wedding who was savvy enough to splurge on the silk Desi tuxedo with the Nehru collar and curly, pointed toe shoes to the wedding, only to get drowned in phone #?s by chicks like Natasha who have finally found the whitey who can handle the spiciest of curries, is conversant in Bollywood flicks as a result of numerous trips to Mumbai aboard my fund?s jets, and rocks the Bolly-rific Desi tuxedo. It?s hard being me but I know it?s painful being you. Now go back to Michelle Malkin?s blog ? I think your comments are better suited for that sort of a forum.

  98. +2 votes + -
    anon Said:

    ‘Leave Natasha alone. Life isnt about sex. Life is about children and passion. And spirit. Its not about fucking and balls and pussy. Its about love. Its about people. Its about connection. Its not about cock and ass and tits and butthole pleasures. Its not about this rusty trombone and dirty Sanchez. And Cincinnati bowtie. And your pussy juice cocktail and this shit-stained balls.” haklshashalsljhahaalkhsahsahaha

  99. +2 votes + -
    Stan Said:

    Business school, whether HBS or anyplace else, is a joke; its just a two year exercise in networking. I?ve got friends at many of the top schools and they tell me likewise. BTW, I go to Fuqua (I wasn?t one of the cheaters!) and the girls are pretty fug here?inverse relationship between intelligence and looks in 99.9% of all girls.

  100. +2 votes + -
    dogg pound gangsta Said:

    Wedgie, when you are ready to upgrade to a dime piece vs. HBS skank, let me know? i can trick out some summer interns from usc to you..gyea!

  101. 0 votes + -
    jjc1122 Said:

    what?s all this Indian-Hindu-Muslim crap, who gives a shit. Are we in freaking Bombay or New York, let?s get back to business in talking about how ugly this freak is. I don?t give a shit about a Hindu marrying a Muslim, or any of that nonsense. You?d think all of Wall Street was being outsourced to India, when in fact only the crappier, cookie cutter stuff is, while the PE and hedge fund world is still for the cream of the crop, HBS MBAs. And who the hell let this dogg pound dumbshit in here?

  102. -7 votes + -
    Hedgie Said:

    Straight Talker, You obviously need a lesson in reading comprehension, but that?s understandable since you got rejected from HBS, Stanford, and Wharton, and had to endure two humiliating years in Hyde Park. How?s that back office job at Bear Stearns treating you? I said ”some” girls at HBS were hot. This does not mean all or even most, but in a class of 900 students, you?re bound to see a few attractive ones. Please don?t make me laugh by comparing those anorexic socialites, Hearst and Mortimer, to LA women. You see, real men like tanned women who?re in great shape and have curves in all the right places. If you ever want to check out what a real hottie looks like, come visit LA.

  103. -10 votes + -
    Hedgie Said:

    Stan, You claim that top business schools are a joke. Is that why the top hedge funds and PE shops recruit at HBS but not Fuqua? I?m sorry that you got rejected at all the top schools, but there?s no need to release your anger on this board. Have fun at Jeffries next year!

  104. +3 votes + -
    Oh C Said:

    The board?s sheer bedazzlement leaves me flummoxed

  105. +16 votes + -
    Chitown Baby Said:

    Hedgie You?re a wall st elitist prick. 99.9% of the world could care less about the name of the fckng firm you work for. Have a family, listen to your child speak or smile and you?ll see what?s important in life. Christ, this place is filled with immature fcks. You?ll realize one day how worthless the fact that you work at GS or MS or whatever the fck really is. p.s. I went to the GSB. who cares. its just a fcking school

  106. +3 votes + -
    dogg pound gangsta Said:

    JJC, who let the dogg in here? the same sweatshop that was dumb enough to hire you for a back office job. it?s not often your MD gives you a break from sucking him off. use it to brush your teeth instead of running your mouth off? think back to boiler room, when those IB dweebs got their ass kicked in a la chuck liddell by rampage jackson before you run your pencil pushing mouth off again!

  107. +3 votes + -
    straight talker Said:

    hedgie, I am becoming increasingly suspicious that you are indeed a pillow biter

  108. +7 votes + -
    dogg pound gangsta Said:

    Hedgie, I operate out of da west coast. My girlz trixie and mercedez would like to thank you for buying them their new titties from dr. 90210. All they had to give you was a few lap dances. You may have gone to HBS, but you still got played by real hustlers? Lay off da derivatives, trim my bushes, and earn your damn name?

  109. +10 votes + -
    Anon Said:

    I agree with Chi town. In the end, no one really gives a shit about who you bang, what car you drive, or what suits you wear. The only people who judge you based on that are the ones who are too insecure themselves about their social status and constantly have a chip on their shoulders.

  110. +11 votes + -
    pewhore Said:

    wow. i?m surprised so many bankers/traders/peboys/etc. here take the time to ACTUALLY reply back and forth. it is pretty obvious there are two camps: one that bashes that girl for her absolute idiocy, and the other that sympathize like hippies for her absolute idiocy. but seriously, do smart, successful people have to hate on each other? let?s just hate on dumb bitches like her. although i have to say there are some pretty hilarious lashing.

  111. -4 votes + -
    Hedgie Said:

    pewhore, who would you say has posted the most hilarious lashings so far? can you also cite some references so we can see who is the best?

  112. 0 votes + -
    straight talker Said:

    Fine. I went to Chicago GSB because I couldn?t get into HBS, Stanford, or Wharton. And I have a shitty job in NYC that barely pays $100K. I?ve also been struggling to get girls here, but at least I party at Marquee! The girls in LA are way hotter than NYC chicks. It?s painful, but I have to admit the truth.

  113. +2 votes + -
    surlygrad Said:

    ok, time to chime in here. you do not actually have to be smart to go to a good business school. looking over the shoulders of the columbia mba students, it?s clear that you people are barely literate. that mba is nothing more than a credential. it does not indicate that you are talented or intelligent; only that you sucked off the right people in life. phd?s will own your ass any day of the week.

  114. -6 votes + -
    Hedgie Said:

    Surlygrad, I take it you?re another one of those bitter HBS rejects? The people at HBS are some of the most talented and accomplished people I?ve ever met. When you?re competing against Mckinsey consultants and goldman bankers, you can?t get in by ”sucking off the right people.” Phd?s are a joke. Yeah,they?re smart dorks, but the vast majority of them will not make decent money and don?t get hot chicks. That makes them losers in my book.

  115. -2 votes + -
    Big Mark Said:


  116. +5 votes + -
    pewhore Said:

    upon Hedgie?s request, i think one of the better lashings showcased on this thread are the following, and i don?t give a flying shit about whether you agree with me or not because i am always right: ”thats someones daughter youre talking about dogg pound.” ”Yet another disturbing example of a hideously ugly woman that thinks being fashionable makes up for looking like a mangled hyena.” ”she is painfully ugly and probably smells like curry down there.” ”I am truly offended by the repulsive comments about my colleague on this page. I give you my word she is not the ugliest at Carlyle. And is always kind enough to oblige us with BJs on those late nights when our poor judgement prevails over our eyes.” ”Youre a wall st elitist prick. 99.9% of the world could care less about the name of the fckng firm you work for.” (directed towards Hedgie fyi) ”hedgie, I am becoming increasingly suspicious that you are indeed a pillow biter” ”Kevin, you missed the whole point, which is probably because you are a Big 10 grad with a C average and now a mortgage loan officer, sizing up a third tier business school which will propel your career in sales and put you well on your way to making those low six figures ??” once and for all (good luck!)” ok seriously though. i?m wasting too much time with this. also, carlyle obviously is not that bad of a firm. sure i left them for a better place, but still?everyone needs a stepping stone.

  117. +5 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    1) ”but seriously, do smart, successful people have to hate on each other?” Haven?t you ever seen American Psycho? 2) ”Phds are a joke. Yeah,theyre smart dorks, but the vast majority of them will not make decent money and dont get hot chicks.” Did you really say that? Maybe it?s too early in the morning and I don?t have a sense of humor, but that statement is amazing on so many levels? I?m done, I have an exam to go fail saturday?

  118. -10 votes + -
    Hedgie Said:

    pewhore, you can kiss my ass. Why did you have to pick out so many comments that were against me. I don?t even know what a pillow biter is, so you aren?t really hurting me by replicating that dumb comment. HBS baby, that?s what I?m all about! Where my dogs at?

  119. +14 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    Hamburg Business School!!! I am disbelieving how much you talk about the school of business I attended.

  120. +6 votes + -
    HBSer - for real Said:

    I think I have actually figured out who this Hedgie character is, and if I?m right, he was one of the biggest free-riders I ever met at HBS. He could never have gotten through without our study groups pulling his ass through a couple of tough courses.

  121. -8 votes + -
    Hedgie Said:

    Glad to meet a fellow HBSer. I was class of 2005. What year were you, and what type of work are you doing now?

  122. +10 votes + -
    surlygrad Said:

    Hedgie, ”The people at HBS are some of the most talented and accomplished people Ive ever met. When youre competing against Mckinsey consultants and goldman bankers, you cant get in by ?sucking off the right people.?” Yes, I?m sure they knew the Excel keyboard macros by heart, and had the prettiest Powerpoints. Now go masturbate to your copy of Six Sigma for Dummies.

  123. +5 votes + -
    Big Mark Said:

    I would like to apologize for the nonsensical comment I made last night. I was mad high off bong hits of the chronic.

  124. -9 votes + -
    Hedgie Said:

    surlygrad, i get the feeling you are jealous of me and my accomplishments. Have I created tons of Powerpoints and pitchbooks, sure? Am I proud of this, well, I?m only 2 years out of b-school, so who cares, I?ve got a bright future in front of me. For now, I?m making decent coin, $120k base, and from what I hear, $150k bonus this year, how much are you making?

  125. +11 votes + -
    Unimpressed Female Said:

    That certainly is a hideous bag. Hedgie?> Yawn. Bragging anonymously on an internet blog?s comments must make yer ma? real proud. At least say you have a huge cock or something. Straight Talker?> Come on, drop some other names than Mortimer and Hearst would ya? Christ, those broads are a bit old too, aren?t they?

  126. +6 votes + -
    Unimpressed Female Said:

    Oh, and Dogg Pound Gangsta?> Keep doing the good work. ChitownBaby?> you?re embarassing yourself. Chicago?s full of midwestern fatties. Like ew. Gosh, subscribing to the RSS feed of the comments to read at work is like twice as entertaining as the blog itself. P.S. Love ya, LSO!

  127. +6 votes + -
    surlygrad Said:

    Hedgie, numbers are so gauche, didn?t they teach you anything at HBS? But you?re probably nouveau riche, so it?s forgiven.

  128. +7 votes + -
    Huh? Said:

    Hedgie- First? ”Where my dogs at”, it?s time to update that ”phrase a day” calendar. With regard to business school, none of my friends who?ve gone to HBS, Wharton, or Stanford have had the gall to defend the intellectual rigor of their time in grad school, or as they call it: ”the vacation”. They are however, as a group some of the most thoughtful, bright, and dynamic people I know, maybe that?s why they see it for what it is, a credential. Also, before stereotyping us PhD trolls take a look at how many CEO?s, etc. are in fact PhD?s and not MBA?s, you?d be surprised, some of us have business acumen and people skills. I thought GW was a lone anomaly in the HBS admissions process. I?m man enough to admit when I?m wrong.

  129. +1 votes + -
    straight talker Said:

    Amanda and Tinsley are both like 25 or so, I think, though I could be wrong. I talk about them a lot because some numbnuts who claims he knows them hates it when I do.

  130. -17 votes + -
    Hedgie Said:

    surlygrad, when you?re making almost $300k like me, and can afford a $5k Rolex, let?s talk. Until then, I suggest you just go on your Ph.D. way, put your protractor back in your pocket protector and shut the heck up. And to ”Huh”, where my dogs at is something we still say in my little crew from HBS, so F off. It?s not like I?m pals w/ that dogg pound loser. And I?m not sure about your pal, but HBS was intellectually rigorous and pushed us at times to really dig down deep and try to find the truth. Valuation work, DCFs, etc., we did some good work when I was there, and it really prepared me for ”the Street” once I got here. I?ve made it now, I can safely say that.

  131. +13 votes + -
    dogg pound gangsta Said:

    Unimpressed female, interested in a job? how do you look in daisy dukes and stilettos?

  132. -4 votes + -
    pewhore Said:

    Hedgie, I?m hurt that you think that i?m hating on you. it just appeared to me that many of my favorite lashing were directed towards you. anyhoot, quit bitching. i can never hate a fellow HBSer.

  133. +18 votes + -
    whartonite forever... Said:

    ?she lives in my building?i cringe everytime i see her?one saturday afternoon, i kid you not, she had a ?princess leya? look with her hair – ummm, it looked more like minnie mouse, but who am i to comment on that? i just patiently waited for the elevator ride that lasted an eternity to end?even worse, her hometown is the town over from where i grew up – so i?ve been seeing her around for the past 10 years – once an ugly duckling, always an ugly duckling – no matter how much money daddy spent on her?

  134. +3 votes + -
    Wharton98 Said:

    I would say she is good from far but far from good. Hey the bitch could get it if i was drunk at Marquee.

  135. +11 votes + -
    Analyst Said:

    Two theories on Hedgie. 1) He deosn?t really exist. Like Logan, the hero of Leveraged Sellout, he is a parody. Hedgie is quite an amusing parody, though piggybacking on someone else?s blog is inherently second rate. 2) He is a real person, which means there really is an HBS grad who spends lots of time on this site snarling at other B-school types like a badly trained dog. The second theory is a lot funnier – a real-life parody of a fictional parody of a Wall Streeter. And to make it even funnier, Hedgie appears not to see the irony.

  136. +5 votes + -
    Analyst Said:

    Real person or parody, Hedgie is great. So Hedgie, tell us a bit more about yourself. Do you have a girlfriend? Or boyfriend for that matter? What did you do before HBS? Where do you live? Above all, please, please tell me you are a real person.

  137. +6 votes + -
    straight talker Said:

    the day this Natasha bitch starts hanging in the middle rectangle at Marquee, is the day I start sipping Gin n Juice with Dogg Pound Gangsta at Home on 27th St.

  138. +5 votes + -
    surlygrad Said:

    Hedgie, where do you work again? If it?s publicly traded, I?m going to short it come Monday.

  139. +4 votes + -
    Unimpressed Female Said:

    1. Dogg Pound: if i said i did, would you believe me? Although I do. 2. Hedgie seems too sincere to be a parody?except in his latest post. 3. And anonymous poster from Hamburg B-School: fantastic. I think that might just be my favourite comment of all time. Good times folks. Is it time to go home yet..

  140. -3 votes + -
    Hedgie Said:

    Analyst, Yeah I?m a real person. I grew up in Orange County, went to an ivy undergrad, and worked for a BB bank before coming to HBS. I?m in NYC now, working for a hedge fund. I don?t have a girlfriend, not really a commitment type. It?s only fair that as many women get to experience some Hedgie loving, so why get tied down?

  141. +13 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHh??hedgie, you crack me up!!! First off, you will not learn anything radical in B-school – A theory confirmed time and time again by my friends and family (List includes MBAs from Wharton, HBS, Kellogg, Ross, Chicago, Haas, Columbia, and Cornell). Pick up CFA course material and you?ll learn all finance concepts you need. Sorry to pop your little bubble, but these books will also cover all the DCF/Valuation/NPV, etc. you?ll need to know. Try getting a Phd. in some sciences without proper guidance. So, as far as intellect goes: Phd. 1, Hedgie 0(can I give negative points?). Secondly, you need to seriously get some major help from a shrink. You?re obviously insecure about a lot of things: pay(bragging about it on a public blog?oooff), women(”I dont have a girlfriend, not really a commitment type. Its only fair that as many women get to experience some Hedgie loving, so why get tied down?”??.reminds me of the TODD from Scrubs), trying to be cool (”where my dogs at?” – I must have forgotten we?re in 2007 and not 10 years assbackwards). My point being: Even a construction contractor managing a decent size crew will make that much money, fuck many more and much hotter women than you, and also fit in a bar much better than you. Consider this an intervention. We are only here to help!!! Btw, before you comeback with your sorry ass comments about your finacial superiority, or your harem of Natashas(ugh!!!) – I?m 25, retired (thank you GOOG, WNR, VLO, and AAPL – derivatives while I did my undergrad – all risk no hedging; it paid off though) and my now my assets makes more money than your salary and bonus combined. As far as counts of girls go?I can?t fit the count on my fingers and toes combined and lets just leave it at that. Bottomline, its already shameful enough for HBS admissions committee that they let Natasha in, don?t go making the HBS faculty jump off 10 floors to avoid embarrassment that they ”educated” you.

  142. -5 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    Leaves Hedgie alone !

  143. +11 votes + -
    meandjoemoomoo Said:

    hedgie – you make terrible money. i am one year out of Chicago and made your year in 4 months of work in 2006. that said, i like your postings. you are almost as big of a douche as me. i tell you what, when you make 750+ all in and can afford that 25k vacheron constantin on my wrist then we?ll talk; until then, sit down, shut the fuck up and don?t speak until spoken to.

  144. +1 votes + -
    Big Mark Said:

    True dat the snowboard goggle trend is mad convenient for these butta face bitches right now .

  145. -3 votes + -
    Hedgie Said:

    Anonymous, I?m quite secure with myself. It?s amusing to see dorks like you go berserk at my comments. As far as a Phd is concerned, I seriously considered it in college but decided it wasn?t right for me. My Phd friends are mainly losers right now, with little money and ugly girls. The only Phd program I would consider doing is the business economics program at HBS, but they only accept 2% so that?s not gonna happen. Also, I seriously doubt there are many construction contractors who get hotter girls than I do. But keep telling yourself that if it comforts you late on a Friday night, while you masturbate to pics of Jessica Alba. meandjoemoomoo, I seriously doubt you made $750K+ ONE year out of a second-tier school like Chicago. You?re also an idiot for spending $25K on a watch. You remind me of those losers who wear expensive shit to places like the spice market, hoping to pick up a hot chick and then ends up coming home alone. LOL! God, I feel sorry for losers like you. We can talk once you actually grow balls and start scoring hot chicks. And no, skanky jersey chicks at Marquee don?t count! Leave those girls to straight talker. He?s the Marquee ”expert.”

  146. +12 votes + -
    meandjoemoomoo Said:

    hedgie, your pay approximates a first year associate fresh out of bschool working at any bb i bank. how much do you suck that you are ostensibly 2 yrs out of HBS and you still make nickels and dimes? christ, you must still think like a pussy hole banker hence you are rewarded like one. you obviously don?t know anything about assets as rare, ultra-high quality watches such as vacheron, patek, etc tend to appreciate if you have the smarts to buy the right one. christ, you still think your rolex datejust is the shit and you are the man for owing one. good starter watch but nothing to shake your dick at. you are a not a hedge fund guy, you are a fucking moop. loser. i would assume you are back office but even my assistant has more horsepower than you. my balls and your face, funboy. it?s a date! best regards, the dude you wish you were

  147. +8 votes + -
    Le Rosey Said:

    You all have entirely too much time on your hands.

  148. -1 votes + -
    redsnapper Said:

    HILARE. I hate that bitch. And I want that hideous bag.

  149. +6 votes + -
    dogg pound gangsta Said:

    Unimpressed, at da rate i?ll start you off at, you?ll be making more than what Hedgie makes in your first 3 months? the only catch is, you?ll end up servicing losers like Hedgie ? are you comfortable with that??if so, let me hear you say ”gyea!”

  150. +3 votes + -
    anony Said:

    i thought if you?re a first year hedge fund guys( and first year out of b-school) you don?t make much more than 1st year b-school associates. is it the case that if you had a few years of hedgie experience under your belt, and then went to b-school, you should be making much more?

  151. +5 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    meandjoemoomoo, you hit the nail right on the head. Great comment!!! ”hedgie, your pay approximates a first year associate fresh out of bschool working at any bb i bank. how much do you suck that you are ostensibly 2 yrs out of HBS and you still make nickels and dimes? christ, you must still think like a pussy hole banker hence you are rewarded like one. ” BTW: I?m surprised hedgie hasn?t come back with his usual defensive comeback: ”I fuck a lot of girls”, or something along those lines. C?mon hedgie, give us something that we can pick you apart on, again.

  152. +6 votes + -
    straight talker Said:

    My bet is Hedgie has a copy of his 2006 W-2 on his personal website so his family members and friends from Podunk, CA (a.k.a. Bakersfield – not Orange County) can look at it and ooh and ahh over it. I also love how Hedgie says he wouldn?t have gotten into the Ph.D. program because they only accept ”the top 2%”. Hilarious, what was your fucking GMAT score, 610? Hedgie, you are a mope, like meandjoemoomoo said, although meandjoemoomoo learn how to fucking spell if you?re going to use words for the first time in print in a public forum. Where are you from, Bangladesh? The word is ”mope”, not ”moop”. I?d seriously like to run into a punk like meandjoemoomoo and smash my glass of Grey Goose on the crystal of his $25k watch and then watch him scramble to pick up the pieces and see tears well up in his eyes. What a joke. Finally, Hedgie, there ain?t nothin wrong with goin to bed w/ a Jersey girl, as long as you don?t ever wake up with a Jersey girl. Ever. If you?ve never gone there, then dump your little Scarsdale, blue blood girl and give em a whirl, they give the best blowjobs around and are happy to do it.

  153. +4 votes + -
    anonymous Said:

    where my dogs at! only someone from orange county would still be saying that. Hedgie, here?s what you have to do. move your hedgefund mindset from ?happy to just be here? to ?now that i?m here, i?m gonna take over the world.? everything changes after that – including your ridiculous post about safely making

  154. -9 votes + -
    Hedgie Said:

    Straight talker, You once again display your ignorance of admissions at elite schools. The Phd program in business economics at HBS accepts 2% of the brightest people in finance. They?re not taking 2% of dumb rednecks from Alabama. Alumni of that program teach at top business schools or take lucrative jobs in the private sector. You can pretty much get a job anywhere with a degree from that program. As far as compensation goes, the median starting salary of a HBS grad is slightly above $100K. I?m doing better than a good chunk of my classmates. Am I satisfied with $300K? Absolutely not. But I?m going to be making a lot more in the next several years, so I?m not worried. At least I don?t lie by claiming to make $750K+ one year out of a second-tier school like Chicago GSB. Jesus, at least make up a lie that?s somewhat believable.

  155. +11 votes + -
    meandjoemoomoo Said:

    actually, straight talker, the word is moop. it is a yiddish work the orthodox guys in my office like to throw around to describe guys like you and hedgie: arrogant dudes who think they are the shit but are really junior league douchebags who have neither the smarts nor the awareness to realize that they are douchebags. and by the way, please shut your hole bc you make the rest of us gsb alumns look like retards just like you. i know gsb and bshcools people well: risk averse big talkers who are just lacking confidence and balls so they follow the heard and chuck stones at those who don?t and those who are actually better, smarter and harder working than themselves. go back to your cubicle and finish off your formatting before your VP rips you a new one. best, the dude you will never be

  156. +5 votes + -
    meandjoemoomoo Said:

    hedgie, your shit is so weak. i?m done with you. and besides, it?s not that cool to pick on the kids on the short bus. good luck, dude. you?re going to need it.

  157. +7 votes + -
    HBS Basher Said:

    What a deushe bag Hedgie is?come to think of it, maybe he really did go to HBS. Ever read those moronic student profiles on ”How I will lead” on the HBS website???..I did..Hedgie?s reads something like this? I will lead with a big dildo up my ass. What a bunch of dorks those HBS kids?.How will you lead???? I will lead with the same persevrence (I dont care about spelling) I had when leading my Green Peace team in Southwestern Batswana??. ?.how bout this you bunch of HBS dorks?.save the tuition on HBS, and your frickin sob stories about bringing peace on earth by restructuring (insert any Fortune 500 companys) supply chain ?.and learn to make real $$$$?.. ?.and yes, to that other homo on the site?.it is all about cash, pussy, and the like?.. ”That watch costs more than you car. I made $970,000 last year. How much you make? You see pal, that?s who I am, and you?re nothing. Nice guy? I don?t give a shit. Good father? Fuck you!”

  158. +6 votes + -
    meandjoemoomoo Said:

    if hbs is so full of twats, why do you cruise the website and read their bios? get over the ding letter, buddy. next year is another year and a new ding letter awaits you. an no, it isn?t about ”cash, pussy, and the like”. it is about being smarter and going harder than the rest, being able to look yourself in the mirror every morning, and cornholing fat bitches like your momma.

  159. +1 votes + -
    HBS Basher Said:

    meandjoemoomoo ?I actually hung around to see how long it would take for the first pussy to use the same old comeback?.. CONGRATS BIG GUY?.YOU?RE THE LUCKY WINNER!!!! Man, ”Get over the ding letter”??with comebacks that witty, you must really be ”Smarter and Go harder than the rest”

  160. -6 votes + -
    meandjoemoomoo Said:

    i like the last part of your post but please be a bit more colorful and creative in your insults bc this comment board is getting boring.

  161. +9 votes + -
    straight talker Said:

    So Hedgie admits there?s no way he?s in the top 2% of finance professionals, that?s great. You should give this shit up and go work in the CFO?s office at Southern Pacific in Kansas City, you snively little wimp. meandjoemoomoo, you can wipe your ass with your orthodox guys? yarmulke?s as far as I?m concerned, or blow them under the salesdesk, either way, nobody else uses the word moop, you poopusher. I can tell you this, there?s not a person on here who believes you legitimatelly earned anywhere near $750k in 4 months, even if you gave each of those long-sideburned mofos blow jobs every day for the 4 months, and nailed their very attractive, wig-wearing wives on their behalf as well, so stop with the bullshit. It?s not that I mind if you did pull in $750k, it?s an unimpressive figure anyway, but Hedgie?s been in the company bathroom all day since he read that, switching back and forth from throwing up with envy to jerking off in admiration. At least bring him back off the ledge by admitting you?re a bigger liar than your boy Willie Clinton. Now, how about that Yankees comeback win last night, I love it when we stick it to the shitty, pansy-ass Red Sox fans, especially in the middle of a shit year like this one.

  162. +1 votes + -
    meandjoemoomoo Said:

    ‘is it the case that if you had a few years of hedgie experience under your belt, and then went to b-school, you should be making much more? ” anony, it does depend on your pre-bschool experience (mine = PE 2 yrs, HF 3 yrs)and your ability to get up to speed, engender the confidence of your PM and generate positive return. In my case, there was no learning curve in terms of putting capital at risk so the partners were more comfortable compensating me based on my returns. i took no signing bonus and was adamant about being payed based on my performance and not by willy nilly standards of each partner?s subjective view of my worth. thus, a first year with experience and skill makes much more than a first year with none. that said, one should really consider why one wants to go to bshcool bc if you?re not having ”the grass is greener” syndrome as i had, you should probably skip the process as you don?t really learn much practical material (though it is intellectually satisfying) and if you want finance skills, i agree that the CFA gives you full exposure to the concepts you will learn in bschool.

  163. +12 votes + -
    dogg pound gangsta Said:

    50 cent just made $400 million off his 10% ownership, after Coca Cola acquired the company? real hustlas are making astronomical bank and bangin the top 1% hoes, while you losers argue over chump change and the leftover skanks that all you ”elite” b-schoolers fight over? 50 attended HBS? the Hard-knock Business School? gyea!

  164. -6 votes + -
    meandjoemoomoo Said:

    Orthodox guys may not be cool, and a bit overweight or whatever, but at least I?m getting some of that money. If you can?t beat ?em, join ?em!

  165. +13 votes + -
    Le Rosey Said:

    Hedgie, we paid two of our first year analysts out of UNDERGRAD more than you make. It?s not where you?re from but what you do when you get there. And if you spend all your money at Marquee on bottles I suppose you?re fairly leveraged, and a sell out, so keep on posting on this site while the rest of us actually do some work.

  166. +2 votes + -
    meandjoemoomoo Said:

    THAT?S what i?m talking about straight shooter. good stuff.

  167. +6 votes + -
    Amanda H Said:

    OMG, I swear I will take my little white, lace panties off right now if Dogg Pound Gangsta will get in there and give a nice punch to that Joe Mu Mu guy, he strikes me as one of those skinny penis types, white and pasty, medium brown hair, you girls know the type right? Dogg Pound is the only guy on here tough enough to probably do one for me.

  168. +6 votes + -
    Shite-stabba Said:

    Rosey palms (a.k.a. Le Rosey), you are so sexy with all of your little cute cliches, would you like to come over tonight and lick my perineum? If you aren?t comfortable with that, we could build some models together, talk about wealth, markets, whatever it is that blows your skirt up, and then one of us could give it to the other. These people do have too much time on their hands, but I?d like to have you get on your hands (and knees). Seriously Rosey, I will make you work til your knuckles bleed.

  169. +5 votes + -
    Nancy Said:

    Wow, I feel jealous of Natasha. She gives blowjobs to PE guys after dinner? Sweet, some serious cash. Maybe you could mistake me for her? N for Natasha, N for Nancy! Still waiting for Logan, Nancy

  170. +11 votes + -
    Jaded Ivy Grad Said:

    Frankly she fits in perfectly at HBS. There are enough annoying people there for her to hang out with. And i?m not surprised she went to Princeton for undergrad. Just because you go to a good school doesn?t mean you?re a decent person.

  171. +1 votes + -
    Hedgie Said:

    I had a dream last night that I was sitting on the beach in Ibiza, and David Hasselhoff walked up and started to go into the water. It wasn?t some gay thing or whatever, so don?t even go there, but does anybody have any insights into what this might mean? Weird, right?

  172. +5 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    ‘Just because you go to a good school doesnt mean youre a decent person.” Did you have to go to Ivy League school to figure this one out?

  173. +5 votes + -
    anonymoos Said:

    Le Rosey is a famous swiss school?why he chooses that for his name ? I?m sure is Frenchie with a different name LOL !!

  174. +1 votes + -
    straight talker Said:

    what happened, did we cause the LSO tools to stop letting us post on their blog site now? They are worse pussies than Hedgie, Back Orifice, and meandjoemoomoo combined.

  175. +5 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    Finally, Chung?s email from several years ago is finally being topped at Carlyle! Somebody should introduce these two, and FedEx Chung some domes for this chick asap!

  176. +5 votes + -
    Flashback Said:

    So I?ve been in Korea for about a week and a half now and what can I say, LIFE IS GOOD?. I?ve got a spanking brand new 2000 sq. foot 3 bedroom apt. with a 200 sq. foot terrace running the entire length of my apartment with a view overlooking Korea?s main river and nightline. Why do I need 3 bedrooms? Good question, the main bedroom is for my queen size bed, where CHUNG is going to fuck every hot chick in Korea over the next 2 years (5 down, 1,000,000,000 left to go) the second bedroom is for my harem of chickies, and the third bedroom is for all of you fuckers when you come out to visit my ass in Korea. I go out to Korea?s finest clubs, bars and lounges pretty much every other night on the weekdays and everyday on the weekends to (I think in about 2 months, after I learn a little bit of the buyside business I?ll probably go out every night on the weekdays). I know I was a stud in NYC but I pretty much get about, on average, 5-8 phone numbers a night and at least 3 hot chicks that say that they want to go home with me every night I go out. I love the buyside, I have bankers calling me everyday with opportunties and they pretty much cater to my every whim – you know (golfing events, lavish dinners, a night out clubbing). The guys I work with are also all chilll – I live in the same apt building as my VP and he drives me around in his Porsche (1 of 3 in all of Korea) to work and when we go out. What can I say,?. live is good,? CHUNG is KING of his domain here in Seoul So, all of you fuckers better keep in touch and start making plans to come out and visit my ass ASAP, I?ll show you guys an unbelievable time. My contact info is below?. Oh, by the way, someone?s gotta start fedexing me boxes of domes, I brought out about 40 but I think I?ll run out of them by Saturday?.. Laters, CHUNG Peter Chung The Carlyle Group Suite 1009, CCMM Bldg. 12, Yoido-dong, Youngdeungpo-ku Seoul 150-010, Korea Tel: (822) 2004-8412 Fax: (822) 2004-8440 email:

  177. -4 votes + -
    TUNNEL Said:


  178. -16 votes + -
    Punjabi Bobbi Said:

    that Peter Chung posting is fake, i tried the email and it bounced back. I just didn?t want to see a whole thread get started on a fake posting.

  179. +7 votes + -
    Analyst Said:

    Chung is King got fired for that email six years ago, dimwit. So that?s why his email address no longer works. The standard of this thread has gone down. It was more fun when we had vicious insults and improbable claims of annual income. Hedgie and Meandjoemoomoo, can you start another fight please?

  180. +5 votes + -
    Le Rosey Said:

    Chung was canned in 2001. Good old days of emerging markets. And correct, Le Rosey is a school, but not everyone that went there is French!

  181. +1 votes + -
    Man Said:

    Wow, typical new money Indian immigrant.

  182. +2 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    that peter chung email is real. it hit my bloomberg years ago when it first happened

  183. -4 votes + -
    Chitown Baby Said:

    Just finished my Chicago GSB MBA today. last final in Porfolio Mgmt, easy as pie. You?ll all be reading about my Hedge Fund soon, losers.

  184. +4 votes + -
    Pierce & Pierce Said:

    I?m going to save everyone lots of headaches, although I love the throwback reference to Chung. Nice work whoever pulled that one out of the ashes.

  185. +3 votes + -
    Amanda H Said:

    TUNNEL, what are you into, Tenjune? That place is full of 23 year old boys wearing suits from their banking analyst jobs, YUCK! Give me the 28-38 year old crowd anyday, though I don?t want any big, fatty boys who spend too much time eating and not keeping themselves right. Marquee still does it for me, and I?ll likely take my panties off this evening for my man Robo-Dan who?s going to have a table there tonight, a la Johnny Cash.

  186. +1 votes + -
    anonymoos Said:

    ‘” la Johnny Cash is correctly I mean, the accent is important for these dudes !!

  187. +9 votes + -
    coolguy Said:

    Is it ironic that on a website dedicated to mocking the asshole banker persona, the comments are all about who can be the bigger asshole banker with the most juice? Honestly, who gives a fuck? Go out and do the best for yourself, but does it really matter that you spent $50k on a watch? The need to be bigger than the next guy likely comes from having a small penis. Also here?s a really cool article comparing finance to crack dealing in the 80?s. ???????????????- Hooked Crack Dealers: Junior financiers have more in common with young drug dealers during the crack-cocaine boom in the 1980s than they might care to admit. Drug dealing at the height of the crack epidemic was glamorous, not unlike working in a hedge fund or private equity group today. It attracted thousands of so-called foot soldiers, willing to sell drugs on street corners in appalling working conditions for a miserly pay. Most were so poor they had to live with their mothers. Why would anyone want the job? The answer, says Chicago economist Steven Levitt in his book ”Freakonomics”, was the expectation that they would soon be driving fast cars and minting money, like the top-ranks in the gang hierarchy. Yet a foot soldier earned less than minimum wage. A rookie analyst in a private equity firm earns rather more: at least 45,000 a year. But factor in the 80 hour weeks, and it works out to be about 8 or 9 per hour after-tax, or about what some bankers pay their cleaners. But the expectation is that the salary will balloon in short order. People who happened to be gang leaders during the six-year crack epidemic got really rich, very quickly. So have today?s hedge fund and private equity bosses. Little wonder that twenty-something year-olds have also developed some pretty racy pay expectations. But only a minuscule minority will ever become a Steve Schwarzman or a Henry Kravis. Obviously, there are lots of well-paid jobs in the intermediate steps along the ladder. Yet the top managers still take home the lion?s share of the profits. Levitt estimated gang members representing just 2% of the gang took home well more than half the pay. That sounds not too different from a hedge fund. What?s more, the few that do reach the top may miss out on the current boom. Foot soldiers piling into drug dealing in the mid 1980s expected the crack boom to go on indefinitely, but it basically ended in 1990. Of course, the big difference between crack dealers and junior financiers is that the latter are infinitely more employable if things don?t work out. And while pulling all-nighters can take a toll on your health, at least it doesn?t carry a one in four risk of getting shot. Author: Fiona Maharg-Bravo Email: Context News For an economic history of crack-dealing in the mid 1980s, see chapter 3 Why Do Drug Dealers Still Live with their Moms???? in Steven Levitts book Freakonomics. Copyright breakingviews

  188. +4 votes + -
    Frenchyyy Said:

    come to France chicks r really hot and fuck all the MBAs MBAs are nothing work in Finance work in consultancy all that is bullshit anyway, create ur own company, and then u would be able to open ur fuckin mouth love u all

  189. +2 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:,,2098049,00.html Another quality Carlyle hire.

  190. +1 votes + -
    Frenchie Said:

    Thanks !

  191. -3 votes + -
    Wharton98 Said:

    Marquee is my spot of choice. I dont know about dead. I mean yea the ”hot spot” has become tenjune but its filled with a bunch of little shits who think they are ballers. Hotel Gansevoort and Marquee are my top picks

  192. +2 votes + -
    meandjoemoomoo Said:

    sorry to all of you that seek to re-live the humor of hedgie v. mjmoomoo but it was no longer challenging or fun. that said, if hedgie want?s a scrap, i?ll be glad to oblige. but please, how bout non-market hours as i am no longer in miami with my fiance and must actually pay attention to what people are talking about. too all of you douches talking about marquee and gavensvoort: it?s called ”played out years ago”

  193. +2 votes + -
    meandjoemoomoo Said:

    by the way, i have never clarified this bc you fools seem to lack critical reading skills but divide 750/3 bc i only worked 4 months. next, i?m sorry to tell you that i actually pulled about 280 cash comp for those 4 months. finally, i throw down the gauntlet yet again: if any of you twats actually have p&l responsiblity or actually run a book (i?ll file that under NFW for No Fucking Way), you?ll know that this isn?t really all that much. when and if you retards actually get your shit together and stop ducking behind your MDs? skirts, you might actually make some money one day. Until then, fantasize about your datejust starter watches and ridiculous dreams about getting past the ropes at played out spots like marquee and the like. enjoy banking, ladies.

  194. -2 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    stfu frenchy..

  195. -1 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:


  196. +2 votes + -
    Mike Said:

    ?I don?t care If Gophal gets arranged?as long as he keeps on posting this funny shit?tnx

  197. -4 votes + -
    Dave Said:

    What a frickin dickhead you are!!! You Jinglies truly are all the same from Dubai to Mumbai to Sydney to New York. You Sad Sad Wanker

  198. +4 votes + -
    meandjoemoomoo Said:

    dave, that doesn?t make any sense. to whom and about what are you blathering?

  199. +4 votes + -
    chadwackerman Said:

    60% of the time, it works all the time.

  200. +4 votes + -
    anony Said:

    what?s a jingly?

  201. +5 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    I think he meant to say Junglie – wild, untamed, and lacking manners. My god Dave, your 60 year old racist fuck of an MD has his dick so far up your ass and coming out of your mouth that now you even think and speak like him. Grow up you fuck and start thinking for your ownself, and then maybe you?ll end up in buyside. Till then?keep dreaming of Palo Alto, while you work in your shithole cubicle and counting your chump change.

  202. +6 votes + -
    Bond Girl Said:

    Ridiculously funny, not so much Gopal, but the interview! Seems that girls will remain stupid regardless of their job & position. -Trader chick

  203. +5 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    ‘60% of the time, it works all the time.” That doesnt make any sense. Anchorman

  204. +2 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    ‘Perhaps a bit crude to post about your ex-Bankers in succession” Did Andrew really get fired from Bear for that article??

  205. +5 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    LSO?s next spoof? Who is right here?

  206. +2 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    I think the associate has a point but I also think the analyst is just use to complaining

  207. +1 votes + -
    straight talker Said:

    meandjoemoomoo is a scrawny punk bitch, with a feeling of self import matched only by his 45? waste, you braggardly, portly little fuck. When is the last time you were at the street level outdoor bar at Gansevoort? It?s about as good as things get, idiot. Hedgie is a pussy who has moved on and wants no more. His game was weak anyway, even meandjoemoomoo was able to beat him in an argument. I love it that another Carlyle tool is a proven pussy (see Borat posting on 6/8 at 9:07am), and he appears to be of French descent, which is even better, and makes him a double pussy, with extra cream. Meanwhile, how many of you are wondering if Bond Girl is actually hot? Never know many fucked up banking analysts are on this site with homo-erotic tendencies hoping to get the rest of us to flatter them or otherwise make them feel sexy. and while coolguy makes good points about small/no penis-ed individuals bragging about their $50k watches, why do you go and reference a little excerpt from Freakonomics? It?s not that the content of the book is bad, it?s just overly high level. If you had gone to Chicago for b-school you would have read the first 3 pages and gone ”so what, i already know all of this shit”. Finally, to the anti-Chicago punk-bitches on the site, likely you noticed one of our more esteemed alumni, Pete Peterson, about to clear $2 billion on the Blackstone IPO. Eat a dick. The only smarter guy was Schwarzman, who was smart enough that he didn?t need to go to b-school. Man G-dub and he must have had some great debates. Straight Talker has spoken.

  208. +3 votes + -
    chadwackerman Said:

    you are such a putz

  209. +5 votes + -
    meandjoemoomoo Said:

    about as good as things get if you are a chimp. if you actually make it to the point where you are invited to be and can afford to be a member of the multitude of private spots around our fair city, give me a shout and i?ll help you figure out how to behave around people who aren?t into standing in lines, getting played by busted washed up models (read as ”coke whores”), and actually have game. btw, why is it that peckerwoods like you must incessantly make small/big penis comments? are you lacking something else besides self confidence?

  210. +3 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    straight talker I thought Steve Schwarzman went to Yale undergrad and HBS for his MBA?but I agree chicago is a great grad school.

  211. 0 votes + -
    Chitown Baby Said:

    repping the $600 Gucci loafers around the trading desk today. Too strong for all you banking/analyst types. Stick to your Cole Haans and let the big boys make the money. Now go back to staring at Excel

  212. +6 votes + -
    dogg pound gangsta Said:

    meandjoemoo, when you and joe stop sucking each other off, are tired of hitting up your bath houses on webster street, and want to hit up a real playa?s ball, holla at me?

  213. +3 votes + -
    chadwackerman Said:

    btw, it seems Schwarzman went to HBS.

  214. +7 votes + -
    Harry Getzoff Said:

    I don?t know about her. Her nose is a completely different color than her face and of a ridiculous size. Is the designer of her glasses now attaching groucho marx style plastic noses to their offerings?

  215. -8 votes + -
    meandjoemoomoo Said:

    dogg pound gangsta? seems more like ”ass pound gangsta” for all the homeboys you let do the rough stuff in your backside. how else would you know about ”bath houses on webster street”? you are certainly one of those dumb ass white kids from Conneticut who thinks bc they bought a Snoop album they are gangster. get over it, cracker, you ostensibly work in some shitty bank and spend your 15mins of free time wacking off thinking about large black men havign their way with you in the Kazakhstani way. now go back to your hole and get that f***ing model done before your VP rips you a new one.

  216. +11 votes + -
    dogg pound gangsta Said:

    you would know how much of an ass pounding i gave you?every time i ram you from behind you scream ”mooooo”? keep showing off your racist and stereotypical attitude, retard? i?ll give you 1000 more trys and you still won?t guess what i do or what race i am (martian perhaps?)?unlike you, i don?t come on here to flaunt the size of my cock? i expose pathetic douchebags like you for what you are ? _________

  217. +6 votes + -
    dogg pound gangsta Said:

    please fill in the blank above mooo mooo? i?ll give you the satisfcation?

  218. +7 votes + -
    straight talker Said:

    yeah, meandjoemumu, private clubs are the way to go, what are you 47 w/ graying temples? f*cking tool, we aren?t all happy sitting around w/ a small little private circle jerk crowd, some nice new fish in the lake is preferable, otherwise some of us, like me, would end up nailing enough of the few gals around that I?d have to quit the club anyway. You wouldn?t know anything about that due to your portly physique and lack of game at the club. You?re just the guy who buys the women drinks and lights their cigarette for them.

  219. +4 votes + -
    unimpressed female Said:

    oh dogg pound, i commend thee. that last comment about that kid and joe actually made me laugh out loud.

  220. -1 votes + -
    meandjoemoomoo Said:

    i ask again: i made no mention of cock size so what is it about you ”guys” that makes you immediately grasp for loose threads? are you inadequate in more ways than just your cultural and racial sensibilities? pathetic. you people are boring. hedgie was boring and you, ass pound gangsta, are boring, unoriginal and making this post suck. this post has become way too boring with dim wit shit heals running the show. entice me and perhaps i will return.

  221. -1 votes + -
    dogg pound gangsta Said:

    unimpressed, forget about marquee, cain, tenjune, whateva? finish your tricks for da night? keep da share dat belongs to me? let?s find a nice park in brooklyn, say around midnight, drink some forties, and let me thug you out all night? i?ll be your baby daddy?.you be my baby mommy? and we can name our baby deee or billy deee? how does dat sound to thee??. a thug is what you need?gyea!

  222. +2 votes + -
    Anon Said:

    What?s f*cking cow is meandjoe moo ! moo ! Go back to your Kansas farm !

  223. +6 votes + -
    dogg pound gangsta Said:

    you will be missed dearly moo mooo?

  224. -1 votes + -
    monkey Said:


  225. 0 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    This sh*t is great!..and Dogg Pound Gangsta is classic, hilarious posts!..where did some nitwit white boy from Hobart College learn to write like that anyway???.must be a Generation Y?r?

  226. +2 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    natasha?never go to southern brazil or eastern europe?the only job you?ll have there is sniffing luggage at the airport. and with a shnoz like that, you could identify half a joint in a fckn haystack! and to any guys that have dated something similar to this beast?guys! buy a plane ticket?see the world please?

  227. +1 votes + -
    Scottsman Said:

    Natasha, you are one ugly bitch!! Wonder if you?ve ever been laid? Probably by some clueless bloke with his eyes blindfolded.

  228. +3 votes + -
    Bond Girl Said:

    Straight talker: I admired your previous posts. :sigh: Why?d you have to bash on my name? I happen to work in FI trading, jeez. Besides, if you know your people at the bigger houses, you might even know me, considering?how many females are actual traders? Yea, exactly. So then, you?d be able to decide for yourself.

  229. -3 votes + -
    straight talker Said:

    Sorry Bond Girl, it wasn?t a bashing, I was just speculating the possibility that you could be a guy posing as a girl and possibly luring one of us into publicly (the Straight Talker has an image to uphold on this site) being into your rap. Send me something to prove yer credentials (MySpace/Facebook page, email address, random website where a pic of you is located, etc.). ST was intrigued enough to have mentioned you, so you should taken it as flattery that he was concerned you could be a gay dude. Second, before you are too quick to admire my previous posts, read some of my harsher, more recent ones on the Sheer Suckers story, as I?ve had to hand out some beatdowns on a few fools, and make sure you are still cool w/ my sty?l.

  230. +5 votes + -
    desigirl Said:

    Can anyone please tell me where all the nice, established eligible Indian men of nyc hang out? I?m nothing like Natasha. I just want to meet a good desi man born and raised in the States. I think I?m asking for too much!

  231. +1 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    Yeah, I got a guy, his name?s anshul.

  232. +1 votes + -
    anon9 Said:


  233. -1 votes + -
    Cliff Mason Said:

    Did no one else catch the barely hidden jab at Kaavya Viswanathan, Harvard?s least prestigous plagiarist? That was my favorite touch.

  234. -1 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

  235. 0 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    Translation English Please tell me where I can find an Indian man, who is worth at least $MM, drives a exotic car and has 4 garages. Preferably in New York, where I could live with him and save from paying the astronomical rent. I also do not want some fobbish Indian guy, so he has to be ”raised” in the states. Gold Digger Lingo Can anyone please tell me where all the nice, established eligible Indian men of nyc hang out? Im nothing like Natasha. I just want to meet a good desi man born and raised in the States. I think Im asking for too much!

  236. +1 votes + -
    rockstar trader Said:

    trader; GS; Desi; 29; born & raised in the States; tall; handsome; ivy league; I could live a nice life on the interest alone I am pulling in I love spending my money on beautiful women with marriage potential. Where can I meet normal desi women who want to be wined&dined?

  237. +1 votes + -
    girlykick Said:

    have you tried I hear there is great desi marriage potential there. ;D

  238. +1 votes + -
    rockstar trader Said: I said NORMAL desi women.

  239. +2 votes + -
    Goldman Equity Oppty Said:

    based on your description, you?d be lucky to bag one of those shaadi women. seriously, who wants a GS trader these days, isn?t that the job where if you show up to the interview they hire you immediately? btw, u of illinois is not ivy league, bijel.

  240. 0 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    *sigh* This post has died?where has our beloved hedgie gone?that fucker made me laugh?

  241. +2 votes + -
    Lumbergh Said:

    running a meth lab > private equity > prostitution > sales & trading > shoplifting

  242. -1 votes + -
    Lumbergh Said:

    Please tell me where I can find a PE chick out there who makes mid six figures and buys ridiculously hideous purses and/or sunglasses. Preferably with an apartment in SoHo or the UES, where we can live together so I don?t have to live in a crackhouse in Bed-Stuy. Doesn?t have to be a hottie, just better looking than Natasha. No Desis please.

  243. +1 votes + -
    The Luxocrat Said:

    HBS & Carlyle are all about the K-I-S-S-I-N-G, they have always played a little game called ”makie outtie” when it comes to breeding the next incestuous class of HBS/CG analysts, ugly or not (trying to be diverse by including the not part) the ”diversity quota” at HBS will continue to pump out these late night crotch pleasing imports that take the Hollywood DNA and try bringing it to The Street. I guess big bling, big glasses, big mouth, HUGE bag doesn?t always equate to big brains?that damn ”over compensating” thing has some truth to it?I?m off to sell my solid platinum Phantom LWB before someone thinks I have a small penis. ps. love the comment posted regarding Bear on May 25th of 2007 by toughasnails. Delusional much?

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