Monday, March 6, 2006


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    Anonymous Said:

    brilliant?simply brilliant

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    Anonymous Said:

    ?oh by the way, i went to a ”second-tier” ivy but i make 5x as much as you do.

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    Anonymous Said:

    To the person posting as ”anonymous” in the two posts: You are an absolute moron. Do you not understand that he is kidding? How insecure are you that you would take his humor as being offensive to bankers? Actually, it?s probably not your fault. This is what happens when you don?t get breast-fed as a child. I blame your mother.

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    Anonymous Said:

    dont f*ck with penn mother f*cker

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    Anonymous Said:

    Look you ass clown, I wasn?t talking about this post. You?re obviously too f-ing stupid to figure that out. Do you also have a job that makes you travel to Bumblefuck Idaho to earn your 50k?

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    Anonymous Said:

    Dear Moron: If you weren?t talking about this post, why did you comment under it? And how the fuck did you come to the conclusion that the author wanted to be a banker in the first place? Anyway, I should probably let you go so you can stumble out at 4:00 AM after your VP and MD double-team you.

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    Anonymous Said:

    What a dumbfuck. I?ll let you figure out why I posted a comment here. Were your parents too poor to send you to college? Or did you do drugs in high school and only made it to a community college? Perhaps you got into an accident and got his really hard in the head as a kid? I feel sorry for you? By the way, I am at home picking my ass right now.

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    Anonymous Said:

    ‘By the way, I am at home picking my ass right now.” I?ll assume you?re trying to scrape the dried up semen off your ass from last night. Here?s an idea.. Once you manage to get it all off, go ahead and put it in a sealed container and label it ”My VP?s seed”. That way, you can use it in a sexual harassment case against your managers in case your dreams of making it to PE don?t work out. Everyone?s gotta have a retirement plan, right? Oh, by the way.. that extra money you claim to make as a banker – you?re going to spend it all on happy endings at Wing Pao?s massage parlor anyway.

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    Anonymous Said:

    Why are you defending the author by the way? I take it you?re either 1) the author himself, or 2) the author?s gay boyfriend. Judging from your response, I?m pretty you?re the latter since you seem so knowledgeable about scraping cum nuggets off your hairy ass? By the way, awfully graphic anal sex innuendo for someone who?s never done banking. 10 gay must represent the number of homo lovers you have.

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    Anonymous Said:

    My point is not to defend the author (though i don?t mind that being a side effect since I enjoy his writing), but to offend you. I hate pretentious douchebags, and you are really coming off strongly as one. Now that I?ve given you my reason, tell me.. besides your obvious insecurities about your life choices, why do you feel the need to post crude insults anonymously on blogs?

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    Anonymous Said:

    So just as I was expecting a somewhat smart comment, I get another stupid one. I?m sorry but I don?t answer stupid questions. Are you really stupid, or do you have cum all over your eyes that makes it hard to see? Go get an education and figure that out yourself, hypocrite.

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    Anonymous Said:

    I?m just happy that you are spending your one free night a year entertaining me with your idiocy. Thanks for that. Then again, it?s not like you actually have something to do with your time. You know.. since your only friend is Clippy from Microsoft Office. Two bucks says I can make you ejaculate on command by saying the magic words.. Private Equity! Whoops. There goes your monitor.

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    Anonymous Said:

    Sorry to break it to you, but I am going to a multi-billion dollar hedge fund in NYC after I get my 6-digit bonus check this summer. Good luck providing your ”strategic advice”. I?m sure you?ll be able to retire with some money in your bank account at 65.

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    Anonymous Said:

    Hahahaha. Bubble go pop.

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    Anonymous Said:

    I think the first anonymous poster has proved something most of us have known for a very long time. Ivy?s don?t foster maturity. Quelle dommage!

  16. -6 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    obviously the person above didnt go to an ivy league school?

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    RUDY Said:


  18. +5 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    I don?t know which is funnier, the authors work or the ensuing comments and completely misplaced bravado about doing jobs that require no talent or creativity. The irony of it all is that all this posturing takes place on THIS site. Hats off to the author who writes some awesome shyte for this site with absolutely no delusions of grandeur.

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    Anonymous Said:

    I agree with the previous poster. The author has an incredible talent for accurately detailing situations that arise in the typical banking environment. As a former ”bulge-bracket” banker and ivy league grad, I whole-heartedly agree that the investment banking profession is pretty useless, lacks creativiy and allows people with little talent to make enormous amounts of money and then think they are bad-ass because of it.

  20. +2 votes + -
    Juliette Said:

    Wow, you are a genius. This is perhaps the funniest website I?ve ever been to?props times fifty million?

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    Solomon Grundy Said:

    ‘omfg imagine living in that shithole” got me to actually chortle.

  22. +3 votes + -
    Ivan Said:

    Jeez why do you virgin need to brag about cash or some ivy league shit? on a little-read blog under ”anonymous” ? My cock is 8? x 2.5? and oh, I can pee way further than you. No shit. I?m great. Get a fucking life, moron. Who gives a shit ? We?re here to laugh while pretending to be working on some powerpoint bullshit for our MDs. This is the best shit I?ve seen recently. My whole desk is laughing their fucking asses off. If you can?t understand you?re wasting your life doing a shit job just for the money, you won?t be getting anywhere on the Street, dumbass. Great blog btw. Keep it comin? man.

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    Anonymous Said:

    WHARTON IS #1. jealous fuckers.

  24. +1 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    I don?t get it..

  25. +1 votes + -
    paul Said:

    Hi, I?m a limey. I am therefore a higher life form. By the way, I earn $250,000 and have a superb work/life balance. You lot, like, kinda, suck. We, like, kinda, you-know, uh, rock. Bloody yanks, ruining our language.

  26. -3 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    Limey dusche?.

  27. -2 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    i strongly believe that you are an ignorant racist jerk. I guess you don?t have a mirror to see your true colors.

  28. -1 votes + -
    Not Sure Said:

    Very important to me to be heard. I?m lacking in self-esteem.

  29. -1 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    Wharton sucks anyways?

  30. +1 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    I love this blog. Thank you for confirming that New Yorkers think Philly is a shit hole (they?re not? wrong? for the most part). Your bone-dry humor is a welcome addition to the Internet and my bookmarks list.

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