Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Faceoff

Watch it in HD here.

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  1. -40 votes + -
    McK Said:

    My base salary is the same as yours! 80K and both of us lose 50% of our bonus to taxes. But my company pays for business school and all my expenses?hmmm, and I get weekends to travel the world first class?hmmm

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    Most Offensive Said:

    West side story? I?m sure traveling to Ohio is sweet every week, but I?m glad its not me.

  3. +2 votes + -
    Most Offensive Said:

    p.s. Whitman represent (BETHESDA!) not that i went there, but I would have because I live in the burning tree district

  4. +19 votes + -
    Big Law Said:

    McK – Your job blows. Your life is worthless. Deal with it.

  5. +30 votes + -
    whartonite forever Said:

    McK – change that to McD for McDouche – just like a typical consultant, you spin crap to make yourself look better – how easily you glazed over the difference in the SIZE of the bonus – yeah, i know it?s taxed at 50%, but 50% of $500K is still more than whatever peanuts you got – go have a starbucks (my treat) in that crappy lobby you share with all the other tier 3 firms and play a pick up game of chess with one of those homeless former consultants – how is your liberal arts undergrad working for you?

  6. -9 votes + -
    Gold Man Said:

    The video was cute ?lame?.but cute.

  7. -4 votes + -
    mack Said:

    you are my hero! LOL

  8. +16 votes + -
    anon Said:

    ?this shoots about to go down like Bear Sterns? pwned.

  9. +12 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    hilarious video?banking still sucks, but at least this video was funny.

  10. +7 votes + -
    BCG Said:

    Spoken like a true McKinsey asshole.

  11. +13 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    Love the video, but neither bankers or consultants can compare to life on the buy-side. Just livin? the dream!

  12. 0 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    This is fucking genius.

  13. +6 votes + -
    Sam Said:

    I?m sent this to a friend at Bearingpoint. He included the link in his goodbye email to coworkers.

  14. -12 votes + -
    McK Said:

    wait, you are telling me a first year analyst at GS makes 500K?hahahah maybe an top associate in an amazing year, most probably a VP though?and those are the same salaries as us then. and really, my work is meaningless. of course it is! and what, is punching numbers into an excel sheet somehow more important? atleast i get to travel the world while doing my meaningless shit?you guys spend it in a cubicle.

  15. -1 votes + -
    McK Said:

    wait, big law is calling my job shit? hahahaha you are the lowest person on the street dude. all you job involves is memorizing unnecessary bullshit and telling it to clients?atleast I didnt have to spend time in law school to do that

  16. +1 votes + -
    Consultant Ninja Said:

    Genius. Not the rap, it was pretty lame. The consultant looks like a lawyer anyways. I mean flogging the banking analysts into a froth about how awesome they are to entice them into buying your book. In your revenue forecast did you account for the rapid decrease in the ?banker? segment and a commensurate jump in the ?former banker? segment?

  17. +21 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    can you post the lyrics please?

  18. +11 votes + -
    The Post With The Most Said:

    Haha! That was so funny I just farted a hundred $$ bill out my ass. You service providers sure know how to put on a show. Here?s some advice for you bitches. McK: Please, shut your pie-chart spewing mouth. You?ve just put up about 4 posts over the span of the day. This is only further proof that Consultants don?t do shit but squeeze presentations out their assholes all day long. Go back to a 2nd tier b-school and get yourself a real job. I hear Kraft is hiring. Big Law: For some reason you remind me of the T-Pain-like-guy singing the hook. You?re loud, seemingly ethnic and wouldn?t add any value without the person you?re supporting. Keep serving falafels Eduardo. I?ll break you off some dough the next time i hear a good joke. Banker peons: Nicely done on the video. Once you guys get finished with your day at 2am start hitting up the comments. These BCGays are making you look like bitches. All My PE Ballers: Keep it pimpin playas? god damn it, keep it pimpin?

  19. -9 votes + -
    doubledeez Said:

    screw you guys i make $580k and work 3 hours per week. you lose.

  20. +23 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    who?s the banker girl? nice rack!

  21. -1 votes + -
    1031 Said:

    doubledeez: wow! $190,000 a billable hour. you a partner at Bendini, Lambert & Locke?

  22. +21 votes + -
    Lawgirl Said:

    ?You still can?t buy bottles with Starwood points? LMFAO

  23. -24 votes + -
    Primericans Said:

    Screw you guys..I?m with Primerica, I don?t really have to do anything and make $120k a year. Beat that.

  24. -12 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    If you make so much money, than why does this look like it was produced by a college student?

  25. +5 votes + -
    Rishi Said:

    I was wondering how long until you make a video. Awesome.

  26. -8 votes + -
    lilwiz Said:

    traders rule all way? more money and 1/2 the hours?even both of the other groups are smart enough to do that math?maybe

  27. +19 votes + -
    me Said:

    Yo I made like a bazillion dollars in five minutes. Now I?m going to make a bed out of it and take a nap.

  28. +14 votes + -
    The Director Said:

    Good thing McK?s firm pays for business school. Maybe now he can get back there and retrain for a real job!

  29. +10 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    Simply epic. Though I thought it odd that the bankers were our during the day. Isn?t that gigantic pie-chart in the sky for the consultants? Keep it up bankers. (I know it?s early to post?half day)

  30. +6 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    funny video, but is that really your haircut? yikes

  31. +12 votes + -
    west coast Said:

    love it? ?that aiiiin?t a lot of mon-eeeh?

  32. -34 votes + -
    impact Said:

    guys ?. its not about the mo-ney ? its about the impact you make. the world is in deep trouble on multiple dimensions – all parties here play some important role, and materialism such as this drives further problems. no one respects people who talk about money all the time. go do something meaningful like climb a mountain!

  33. -21 votes + -
    I'm My Own Boss Said:

    Bankers & Consultants?. Yall need to get hooked up with Quixtar. I used to be an analyst at GS but I left to be an Independent Business Owner after a guy approached me at Barnes & Noble and told me about this shit. Now I make bank and I?m my own boss. Bitches?come to a meeting, you?ll see

  34. -10 votes + -
    Mountain Climber/Banker Said:

    I climbed mountains, many of them. Outward Bound to learn mountaineering, $2000. Weekend trip as an undergrad, Gas Money. Seeing the world from the top of Grey Rock in Larimer County, CO, priceless. For these things, there?s master card. But changing the destiny of of a company and its shareholders and taking a little skim for myself? Now that?s ?bank? and earns an Amex card with no preset limit. I?m ready to see Colorado a whole new way after descending my next 14?er?Louis XIV and a Cigar for apres climb/ski anybody? Now back to work to pay the price for the good life when I?m not on top of the world (on many levels).

  35. +11 votes + -
    S&M-Scotch&Money Said:

    It IS about the MONEY? if you want to be a hippy about it, more money you got, more time and money you can use to help others? like chicks in the club. They need love too?

  36. +10 votes + -
    Domestic Said:

    Fantastic? I?m a banker at one of the banks in this. My boyf is a consultant at one of the consultancies in it. I sent the video over to him a couple of hours ago and have received just radio silence. Consultants are so sensitive about the money thing?

  37. +15 votes + -
    Damn it feels good to be a VC Said:

    Watching a hypothetical West Side Story Fagtacular dance-off between service providers is like watching a slap fight between mildly retarded children. But less funny. Now both of you get back to work.

  38. +8 votes + -
    Another_McK Said:

    McK – You?re an idiot. Everyone else – the vast majority of us are nice people and not overly money obsessed. We work pretty hard for a salary that is nowhere near banker wages, but we enjoy the work. Hope everyone has a good day!

  39. -10 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    Don?t ever do that again?seriously. That video was horrible, that might have been the last straw.

  40. +11 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    To ?I?m My Own Boss,? Really? You left a promising career to sell useless sh*t for Amway? Sounds like you made the right move. Maybe I should quit my job too and start selling oranges to drivers in traffic and be my own boss too.

  41. -1 votes + -
    CSFB Said:

    Why the fuck is this video not playing??

  42. +1 votes + -
    haha Said:

    hahah start selling oranges to drivers in traffic, awesome

  43. +7 votes + -
    ex-everything (except ghetto-azz consulting, natch) Said:

    damn? it finally *does* feel good to be a banker?

  44. -8 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    I?m at Third Point and you fools couldn?t get in the door with an Uzi. It?s called PROJECTION. Lie to others, but don?t lie to yourselves.

  45. -7 votes + -
    disgusted Said:

    Guy with shirt-open. 12% body fat is NOT ripped. Kill urself You would think that 2nd year associates could afford better than supercuts. F*cking Ugh.

  46. +5 votes + -

    SHIIIIIT, anybody wanna hit up a tittie bar after work???

  47. +5 votes + -
    Gorrrdman Sacks Said:

    Mesa atta de gorrdman sacks. we are velly much better than consurtants.

  48. -6 votes + -
    anonymous Said:

    Does anybody else get the feeling the guy that runs this blog was probably the hot dog stand guy? Think about it, every day they listen to all of us bicker and brag at lunch and then can recreate it here.

  49. +4 votes + -
    Strome Said:

    I blew up at SAC and ended at Viking Global. I suck at life but will earn 2.2MM on what I killed this year, which, quite honestly, wasn?t much at all?

  50. +3 votes + -
    Hollywood Said:

    mo money = mo bitches! Its really that simple.

  51. +2 votes + -
    fLea-man Said:

    Hot dog stand? Does anyone get the feeling that ?annonymous? works for Bain?

  52. +2 votes + -
    who is the banker chick? Said:

    nice rack

  53. -7 votes + -
    S&M-Scotch&Money Said:

    Traders beat bankers, PE, VC, STD, and all of it

  54. 0 votes + -
    BX Said:

    Where can I get those suspenders they are wearing? What brand!

  55. -1 votes + -
    jinga Said:

    bro that?s a lot less than 12% body fat. dude is ripped. unless his abs are painted on ?.

  56. +13 votes + -
    Wachovia Said:

    Seriously, screw you all. Wachovia rocks! I am closing on $40,000 as a repro assistant/analyst, which is damn good for a farmer?s son. MS, GS, Blackstone all suck. PE is for chumps and Hedge Funds are useless. WACHOVIA 4 LIFE!

  57. 0 votes + -
    Viper Said:

    Fucking awesome

  58. +2 votes + -
    Fuck the Freemont A's! Said:

    Whoa, I?m pretty sure the consultant is the guy from the ?Ghostride my Volvo? video

  59. +2 votes + -
    consult my ass Said:

    hilarious. oh, the video is good too

  60. -4 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    i am rick james bitch

  61. +4 votes + -
    P Said:

    As usual, quality shit from LSO, but the comments really seal the deal. Way to kick it off, McK.

  62. +1 votes + -
    Cara Ellison Said:

    So bitchin. So very, very bitchin.

  63. +6 votes + -
    MiltonFriedman Said:

    Loved the part about consultants waiting in line at TGIFridays. Haha owned. Oh ya and i just wanna say, Chicago sucks. Let the fun begin.

  64. +5 votes + -
    My man is a BCG prat and I'm down with that Said:

    Christ! I laughed so hard I didn?t know whether to piss my pants or fall off my chair. In the end I settle on a little of both. Bravo!

  65. +4 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    The banker dude looks super gay with that hair cut??.and trying to be Geecko by making 500k/y?..dream on you homeless??..

  66. +25 votes + -
    StartUp Said:

    Serving clients as a consulting associate: $100-300k Serving clients as a banking associate: $200-600k Leaving consulting/banking in order to be the client and have your dick sucked by client-serving bitches who you hire to do the shit work you don?t want your associates doing: Priceless For those who want to bicker about the relative sizes of their 6-figure incomes while they take it up the ass from real capitalists, there?s consulting and banking. For those who want to take real risks, build real value from scratch, hire and (de)ride client servants, and collect options worth 7/8/9 figures, there?s entrepreneurship.

  67. -8 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    So you make a shitton of money with all your work time, and in your time off you act like a bunch of broke black dudes from Haiti. Robert Downey Jr. told me you should ask before you borrow his blackface. Bunch of idiots, your wallets are rich but your racist brains are in the red.

  68. -15 votes + -
    Europe - Superpower through Subtlety Said:

    Aah, yet another testament to the cheer inanity of the imbeciles across the pond (yes, both wanker-bankers and 2nd rate consultants) – you Muppets clearly have too much time on your hands after running your country into the red (read: owned by China / the Middle East). Like one American friend (the insightful exception confirming the rule) said: ‘speed does not compensate for the wrong direction’, i.e. slow down you uncultured and ignorant bastards and do something valuable with your country before it is on its knees! Oh blast, that already happened… ah well, I’m sure you will think of something, make another YouTube video or genetically modify some more food (yes, the effect is already showing in your deteriorating genes) or perhaps recall close to 1,000,000 GM cars (yes US cars are the worst on the planet because they are by halfwits liking to do things half-arsed) etc etc If you, the US bankers and US consultants, only could come together and work something out as a team, then maybe, just maybe, you could do something useful; like electing a new republican president and really cement your position as the laughingstock of the civilised world – ‘oh would some power the lord gives us to see ourselves as others see us’ – R. Burns

  69. 0 votes + -
    S&M-Scotch&Money Said:

    You need to pull some ass buddy

  70. 0 votes + -
    anon Said:

    im a consultant? and i found this so hilarious i posted it on my blog. insulting, yes? but damn funny. for all the bankers that left douche comments: if you have time to watch videos and comment on them? you are not working 100 hour weeks.

  71. +2 votes + -
    Louis Winthorp Said:

    I wonder how many of sprouted chub because you caught a fleeting glance of your apartment building in this video.

  72. -5 votes + -
    Oilex Said:

    Classic. Listen to all of these petty fools. I made £50,000 on energy last week (just for myself) and that was a a regular day. Doesn?t matter if you?re a banker, a consultant or a trader you can always make money. Don?t rely on your pay check otherwise then you?re the sucker. Wall St is dead – London has reclaimed the top spot.

  73. +3 votes + -
    word to yo mother Said:

    What are the lyrics in the segue between the consultants and bankers raps? Something like ?M&A! M&A ? ? featuring Gordon Gekko! This shits about to go down like Bear Stearns? HELP!

  74. +3 votes + -
    consultant Said:

    Holy shit. This video?s so funny. Now I want to be a banker.

  75. +1 votes + -
    R. Burns is stupid Said:

    R Burns, You are stupid. You hate America because it reminds of your childhood. When you were a little boy being picked on the big bully. That beat you up a few times. And everyday, you thought, it?s ok because one day, the bully won?t get anywhere in life. Instead, the bully got stronger. Perhaps not smarter, but stronger nevertheless. Meanwhile, you never hit puberty and had to band with another group of little boys that also got picked on. And then you gained weight. So now, instead of facing a ruthless bully as a little boy, you face us with a big ball of fatty tub, we kindly refer to as socialism.

  76. 0 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    Are there really black bankers like in the vid? Like really? Braces q – Thurston, Albert Thurston. Don?t ever do another video – its so consulting

  77. 0 votes + -
    inflation Said:

    if you make 500K and the US defaults on the debt to china. Will $500 K be worth only 50? £ is where it?s at! Quixtar boy needs to stop talking. You are raking in cash harassing people at B&N and train stations?smooth real smooth!

  78. 0 votes + -
    Vdog Said:

    To ?word to yo mother? I think, it says ?P2C Punjabi? Gordon Gekko. Punjabi is referred to people from Punjab; a state in India known for prosperity. (Not sure what P2C means though. To Anonymous ?September 3rd, 2008 at 8:02 am?, please take some courses in international studies and learn to discern between a black and an Indian.

  79. -2 votes + -
    annonymous Said:

    To R. Burns is stupid Said: Stop hating Europians. You are fuckin fooled in your own cage.Look at Toyota vs GM or InBev vs.Anheuser. Learn from your mistakes. China has already proved in Olympics. You can not function without India?s ITians & BPO. Learn and face realties.. To Vdog Are you sure the banker is an Indian?I know Indians are king in IT..they are in wall street as well?interesting

  80. +1 votes + -
    Theguybehindtheguybehindtheguy Said:

    1031 – Nice ?Firm? reference! To the rest of you? banking and consulting represent the bread and butter (read: average) of the high performers in any good to great school. You still find yourself behind us top dogs who invent and innovate (and earn at the very least double any banker?s salary at any given age). As far as the fighting for scraps, here?s how I see it? Bankers have the money and no life (save the Friday night binge)? Consultants have a bit of life (provided they?re not sitting in Yuma, AZ), but no money. Entrepreneur what what.

  81. -2 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    Can someone who isn?t trying to make their job sound cooler than everyone else?s tell me on average how many hours someone in PE works a week?

  82. +5 votes + -
    yourfavoritewritersfavoritewriter Said:

    pal, if u have to ask it probably doesnt matter to u, u couldnt be further away?

  83. +3 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    Just to answer the guy who asked about PE, on average I work around 30-40 hours per week, not more. And PE is really really relaxed. You do a lot of lunches, dinners, you eat very well in all the expensive places. You meet a lot of intersting and extremely wealthy people. After a while, when your pauper friends ask you for the thousand time what exactly do you do , you just tell them ?I buy the masters that you slave for?

  84. -1 votes + -
    I like phat chicks Said:

    I like working in PE because of the opportunity to play dodgeball and teach pubescent brats how to apply deodorant.

  85. 0 votes + -
    The Director Said:

    Wait a minute, isn?t that cutaway scene with the chicks from Rico Suave??

  86. -1 votes + -
    TWChapman Said:

    Theguybehindtheguybehindtheguy, What are you talking about? Entrepreneurs are the kids who couldn?t even get jobs after graduation let alone get a guarantee of being made rich by a bank OR even get into consulting. I spend more on Grey Goose in a year than the market cap of your whack company. What do you make again? Tampon applicators? WHAT WHAT!!!

  87. 0 votes + -
    The Next Episode Said:

    This shit is fucking hilarious. When are we going to see the next episode? You ALL need to stop bitching at eachother like little girls. Just shut up and enjoy the fucking video.

  88. 0 votes + -
    Getting Awesome Said:

    The jokes about wachovia, Cornell and Brown (ok d*cking on Brown is funny. Is that an accredited institution or just an idea?) are funny, but its clear your insecure about your degree from Emory. Youre not ?sweet? because at MS people other than 1st year analyst bind pitch books. Youre are still a socially awkward human being no matter what ibank you work for. You still live off my crums (I?m not just referring the crums of a biscuit if you know what I mean). I?m going to Chile for a week to ski and enjoy the apres ski activities. That would include, but is certainly not limited to putting my C*ck in the ass of a nice local girl whose only wish is to come to america. And, it will hurt. My c*ck resembles that of a greek god. I like anal sex more if she finds it unpleasant and even more if it is painful. Don?t You? Having fun trying to score some mediocre chick from UofMich!

  89. 0 votes + -
    Bentley Drummle Said:

    With errors like that in your text, forget about binding pitchbooks, the closest you?ll ever get to an investment bank is the ?sell side? of the building cantine.

  90. 0 votes + -
    Jack Said:

    To the European Dbag – how?s that brilliant eu economy treating you over there? the only thing sadder than being a fading superpower is a whiny superpower that died 70 years ago – but doesn?t realize it. now shut up and resume your rightful position in the world: bent over.

  91. 0 votes + -
    Re: Getting Awesome Said:

    Statues of Greek Gods all have small cocks. This is true for all Greek art, but not neccesarily so for Roman art. Cleary not as well-educated as you let on.

  92. 0 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    What?s happening with recruiting? Are the top banks all giving offers only to their interns and not to anyone else? Are they recruiting on campus

  93. 0 votes + -
    AAAsubprime Said:

    here?s how wall street goes boys and girls ? traders > bankers > consultants > lawyers > accountants call a spade a spade

  94. 0 votes + -
    USD Said:

    Nice suckers rally in the USD at the moment. What is the US govt debt now – $5 trillion ring any bells? Don?t worry uncle Sam can print some more dolleros and everything will be alright while the Sov funds take over all your decent companies

  95. -1 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    bottom line? consultants go to b-school to get banking jobs. people who come out of b-school to do consulting are anti social idiots who take a decent salary with no bonus upside.

  96. 0 votes + -
    Paulson Said:

    Hi all, I made 10 figures last year. Let me repeat that, I made 10 figures in on year. What are you guys fighting about again?

  97. 0 votes + -
    popnlock Said:

    what do you banker types think of thomas pink? also, thoughts on the most bballer watch and shoes would be nice. keep it on the USA side

  98. 0 votes + -
    anon Said:

    UofMich chicks are hot.

  99. 0 votes + -
    Jimmy Said:

    True Story

  100. 0 votes + -
    UMich Said:

    you clearly have never been there – way too many stinky liberal bitches. if you?re going to go slumming, there are better big10 schools with corn-fed females.

  101. +1 votes + -
    what your MD couldn't catch Said:

    p. 35 Change spelling of ?Welsh Corson? to ?Welsh Carson? and drop the comma after it. Have it on my desk by morning, bitch.

  102. 0 votes + -
    Banker Said:

    How much does an associate at McK make a year?

  103. +1 votes + -
    Lehman guy Said:

    i?m at Lehman : ( i?ve been wearing my Sox hat inside out all weekend.

  104. 0 votes + -
    The Loan Arranger Said:

    Last I checked an associate at Mck made 65k pre-tax plus a 20k (pre-tax) bonus? eww, essentially they comprise a new lowest tier for the investment banking analyst pool However they have significant upside? The potential to live double and triple lives. I have a friend who works for an Oil & Gas consulting firm who travels with boots and a 5 gallon hat. He has horrendous girlfriends in Houston, Dallas and Calgary. His emails (because I dont talk to consultants) are filled with glorified references to connections at the local Olive Garden, where the hostess (supplemental doorman) knows his name and gives him the ?power table?. Even at the airports, He praises and sometimes tips the TSA security guards that treat him the upmost respect while pillaging his bags. I guess he fails to realize that commericial travel is so, well, commerical.

  105. +5 votes + -
    Balls Said:

    Investment banking is the most overrated profession in the world. While you loser bankers are inserting financial ratio line items in your models, giving reacharounds to your fellow associates for a job well done, and swearing because your balance sheets won?t balance, I am busy enjoying life. In fact, I will target for four sexual encounters over the course of today with my girlfriend. I have so much sex that I have to take breaks because my dick needs to rejuvenate from all the excitement. Conversely, you bankers allocate a maximum of 15 minutes with a brain dead model for sexual pleasure that you picked up at a bar that plays shitty music (once a week) because ?time is money? and ?I have to report to my VP at 8.? The ultimate goal in life is to make as much money with the least amount of effort (hourly wage vs salary). The second goal in life is to engage in as much sexual activity before your penis will no longer sustain an erection.

  106. +4 votes + -
    Poor College Student Said:

    Wow! We got some awesome people here. Making six figures, seven figures, hey, even 10 figures in a year! So if you?re making that much money, what are you doing on some shitty small blog? Nothing like meddling amongst the common folk and trying to impress them, right? You are all full of shit.

  107. -1 votes + -
    Al Anon Said:

    It?s about to go down like Lehman Brothers.

  108. -1 votes + -
    Dave Said:

    At least the consultant isn?t indian! lol!

  109. -1 votes + -
    exbankerdatisfuckingurgf Said:

    i almost fired the kid who sent me this video – get a life you homos

  110. 0 votes + -
    Consultant speaks Said:

    Dude – Life of consultant sucks – ?Free weekend nights with no discernable skill- who are you – a consultant or my cell phone bill?

  111. -1 votes + -
    Al Anon Said:

    The next video should feature bankers and consultants uniting (the REAL professions) to take on doctors and lawyers (the hoi polloi).

  112. 0 votes + -
    Getting Awesome Said:

    Balls?you have girlfriend? Don?t ever come on this site and say that again. blasphemy. Hold are you? 35? Sweet, you fuck the same pussy 28x a week. I think I?m going to vomit.

  113. -1 votes + -
    You're done Said:

    And with this C- video, I?m officially on to the new New Thing. Bye.

  114. -1 votes + -
    Richard Fuld Jr. Said:

    Dear LSO, Perhaps you can connect me with the banker chick and consultant chick in the video and some blow so we can have a Vinny Chase-like getaway to the shores of Mexico. I think I will have some free time soon. Thank you.

  115. -1 votes + -
    RoboticSurgeon Said:

    Leveraged sellout, government bailout. Some of you tools may want to keep a low profile?there may be prison time involved.

  116. -1 votes + -
    Bubba Said:

    Is it just me, or is it ironic that this website began with a post about Lehman Brothers.

  117. -1 votes + -
    HEDGEmony Said:

    THIS IS UNRELATED YOU FAGGOTS the irony is, that all these firms in this industry, take only the people with the most options, and intelligence, and ability to grind into the stone. That?s right assholes, I?m at work at midnight on a friday. Its like fuck it, I have experienced all the other shit, i?ve had a group of friends, a steady girlfriend, and interests. But after my time in this industry, my motivation is two things, Greed, and the ability to make others suffer. Fuck job satisfaction. I will make first year analysts hurt by tearing into them for rounding errors in charts. Life is what you make it, and I will be rich and malicious.

  118. -8 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    LOL at the deuchebag Indian in the video, and LOL at the deuchebag Indian commenting in this thread with the nationalist bullshit. Learn to put together coherent sentences, and learn what the plural of ?king? is Indians are nobodies on Wall Street. That title you dumb brown piece of shit, belongs to the Jews and the WASPS who controlled your fucking worthless country before you ran from the famine riots of the shit-smelling suburbs of Mumbai to take refuge in this country. Arabs also, are merely tail waggers who are squeezed for oil money. Indians are a class below, and will always be a class below every other ethnic group on Wall Street, EVEN if you deuchebags learn to shower. Sadly the Street is now infested with these cow-shit faced ultra-nationalist urine drinking crazy jackasses. Every comment that comes out of your mouths is something about how ?INDIA IS THE BEST? ?INDIA WILL WIN? ?INDIA IS THE SUPER POWER? – not much different when I visit all the worthless assholes that actually live in that country talking about how ?INDIA WILL NUKE AMERICA, WITH THE HELP OF VISHNU? The only relatively safe place now from you shit-faced assholes is buy-side, since McK is already filled with these sewer shit eating Indian rats as well Oh yeah, LOL at anyone from a consulting firm not named McKinsey, you must hate yourself and you fucking suck at life, and LOL at McKinsey people pretending they are creating ?value? – please stop jerking Ian Davis?es dick and if you do, at least open your eyes when the cum hits your face LOL at bankers who think they are making dope money for the shit work they do – enjoy that worthless piece of shit small-cap Financial Analyst position that you guys inherit in a few months. Oh yeah, big law, go fuck yourselves. You are fucking failures – no one gives a shit if you can recite 20 books of procedural law, and no one really gives a shit about the work you do, other than you do it right and go back to enjoying your lower middle class lifestyles. Maybe you can pay off your loans one day. Hope you found law school memorable. Bet you enjoyed those books while I was banging every bitch in Cambridge including your wife, when you were cramming for the bar exam. And IT? Just fucking shoot yourself already – your Indian colleagues with their annoying voices and smell should have already driven you insane. Buy Side Bitches. Buy Side. Someone make a video ?bout that bitches.

  119. -1 votes + -
    lame Said:

    consulting and ibanking are both bitchass positions. try equity derivatives trading if you actually want a challenge (not to mention a whole lot more time and money).

  120. +1 votes + -
    consultant Said:

    can?t buy bottles with starwood points??? i?m sure the fresh new unemployed staff at lehman can?t buy bottles and a lot more either?

  121. 0 votes + -
    Cock Said:

    Jews rule the world!

  122. 0 votes + -
    Poor Fed Staffer Said:

    I have to work round-the-clock, nights and weekends, to clean up the mess you made, banker. And I only earn a fraction of what you did in your glory years. My only solace is watching you sink with your ship, banker. Equity that?s now worthless, and years of hard work wiped out in one fell swoop. Yes, banker, your day of reckoning has arrived.

  123. +4 votes + -
    super anon Said:

    who wants to bet that an indian took anonymous?s job? yet another whiny tool who can?t compete.

  124. +1 votes + -
    Richard Lee Said:

    I really don?t understand where this sense of self-entitlement comes from for bankers and PE guys. In the grand scheme of things, your $500K salary per year means jack shit. Why? Because I made $30M by flipping a website that took me 3 months to build; then I flipped a search engine for $10M that took me 1 month. For all of your VC dudes and buy-siders, I find it hard to believe that with all of the ?money savvy? you have, you?re still in a low yield job. And FYI – I gave 50% of my cash to my home-town rec centre and not to the douchebags at Pink Elephant. As a side note – I?m willing to be that 90% of everyone on this thread doesn?t get laid regularly without a girlfriend. Hard to believe that you?re wheeling crazy chicks working 100 hours and eating takeout all of the time.

  125. +1 votes + -
    poor grad student Said:

    Yo, I think ?poor college student? was right. If you guys are making that much, what are all you all doing posting some website. At least I?m not an MBA. Your only purpose in life is to turn food into s**t. can I haz a job?

  126. -1 votes + -
    BX Said:

    hahaha, Richard Lee? You sir, are an idiot.

  127. -1 votes + -
    Al Anon Said:

    What are you doing surfing the net, poor grad student? Shouldn?t you be thumbing through your sociology text and catching up on your women?s studies homework?

  128. 0 votes + -
    shoot me in the face Said:

    I can?t believe b of a bought us. I wish i worked at Lehman so i can at least be on the street with some respect. Whats left.. BofA, Goldman, and HSBC? wtf.

  129. 0 votes + -
    anon Said:

    damn? lehman brothers just issued a press release, filing for chapter 11?

  130. 0 votes + -
    2nd Golden Parachute Said:

    Whoa! Someone just strapped me to John Thain?s back. I better be prepared to deploy. Looks like I?ll be going for a ride!

  131. 0 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    McK, i didn?t realize ?traveling the world? meant bumblefuck, iowa. shouldn?t you be doing a SWOT analysis or something?

  132. 0 votes + -
    Dick Fuld Said:

    I am going home now

  133. 0 votes + -
    powbangzoom Said:

    This pissing match is getting old. Everyone makes the mistake of trying to qualify something subjective with quantitative data. Everyone fails. hurh okay my day is pretty booked I need to eat a opossum or do my cousin or something i don?t have time for you people.

  134. 0 votes + -
    Irony? Said:

    Damn it must feel good to be a banker right now!

  135. 0 votes + -
    Schadenfreude Said:

    I wonder how many of you?ll still have jobs at 6pm 2nite }:)

  136. +3 votes + -
    RIP lehman Said:

    I?m sure it really doesn?t feel great to be a banker?right about NOW. and to the anonymous post shitting on indian people?maybe you should read the news once in a while to realize that you live under a rock and indians are actually doing really well on wall street. needless to say, people that ACTUALLY have driven wall street to its grave (read: LEH and MER) are all of your presumed race. not that it matters, but just since you did start the racist post. so next time you unload your shitty perceptions like this, think of how dick fuld and chuck prince are laughing stock, and how vikram pandit is still getting a fat paycheck.

  137. +1 votes + -
    Matt R Said:

    Looks like the consultants won this time. Hope all you guys end up ok though. This is tough times.

  138. +1 votes + -
    Trader69 Said:

    You guys are all a little bit insecure. Make sure you got your Propecia refill..

  139. 0 votes + -
    Trader69 Said:

    P.S. Richard Lee – if you really have 40MM you need to ask yourself why you are on this lame site needling seemingly lessers when you should be f?ing out driving italian sports cars and traveling the world. Sounds like you are extremely lonely.

  140. 0 votes + -
    Balls Said:

    I love this site! We?re all so cocky and can?t help it. This is all I know.

  141. +2 votes + -
    Anon Said:

    When life gives you Lehmans, you make Lehmanade.

  142. +1 votes + -
    NotLehman Said:

    Funny shit. So, was the Indian dude supposed to be ?Gopal Metha??

  143. 0 votes + -
    Richard Lee Said:

    Have money – life still sucks sometimes and I still crunch out 100 hour weeks. Like the pissing match – find it hilarious. Have nothing against bankers, traders, consultants; but will join in the fun.

  144. +1 votes + -
    McKinsey Associate Said:

    Looks like we?re going to have the last laugh. Everyone can see how fake Wall Street really is. They don?t create anything. Consultants at least recommend strategic moves for companies. Now if you?ll excuse me, I have to figure out which of you bankers to fire from ML.

  145. 0 votes + -
    Ned Said:

    this is a total disaster for wall street. unlike previous contractions, this one is a reset and is permanent. there simply wont? be enough jobs out there to support all the wall street finance guys looking for work. consulting and biz dev will be legitmate options for many people.

  146. 0 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    Haha, this posting should?ve been called ?the SELLoff? So funny this came out on the eve of the downfall of Lehman.

  147. 0 votes + -
    BCGindaHouse Said:

    Wall Street is TTT now. Ponzi-scheming SOBs are finally getting that long overdue kick in the gnads. Merrill, Lehman, Bear Stears?.LOL. I remember when it was the shit back in junior year of college to land a summer stint with one of these sucker firms. Now, no one will even admit they interned for them in college! That?s when I found out how much of a bullshit racket these firms were and decided to stick with something a bit more stable.

  148. 0 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    consultants on here are so insecure? even in a recessionary period, they are still crazy jealous of us bankers – and the chips on your shoulders show pretty clearly

  149. +1 votes + -
    John Said:

    The consultant gets home at 7:15 and calls it a life-work balance? Serious? I feel sorry for Accenture-types – go in at 7, get home by 7, make 65k per year, maybe a nice ?5k? bonus. Well? at least he is not a banker, whose work-life balance consists of working until 10pm, snorting cocaine, waking up with depression, seeing a shrink, never seeing their kids – who turn out screwed up because their parents were never around? vicious cycle The best work – IMHO – is hourly work – computer programmers get the opportunity to do that, and in the nyc area, you make anywhere between 65-120 per hour, and if you know an inkling of statistics, 120 and up. But I honestly do not know how that compares to a bankers salary. I think most of the time people quote the upper range of banker salaries. Well, the upper range for programmers is 700k (yes 700k, and I?m not talking about total comp and other bs). But seriously, can anybody tell me what an investment banker makes? What about those investment bankers at Lehman Bros, AIG, BAC, MS, CSFB?etc? How big are their bonuses? If it is just slightly over the ?DOW?, then I think they overwork themselves for nothing.

  150. 0 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    I dunno, as a consultant I feel pretty damn secure right about now?

  151. 0 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    I can?t wait for LSO?s next book, ?Damn, It sucks to be unemployed?

  152. +1 votes + -
    Houston Oil Said:

    Ha, this book sure came out at the opportune moment..will people even know what i-banking is ina year?

  153. +1 votes + -
    Lou Said:

    Chips on our ?employed? shoulders.

  154. +2 votes + -
    anon. Said:

    first of all, ibankers dont work until 10 pm. thats nothing for ibankers. ibankers work until 2, 3, 4 am and are bank in at 8. im not in ibanking but i know they dont work til 10 because i work until 10 and a 9 am to 10 pm hour day for an ibanker isnt bad at all. secondly, the jerk that wrote the post about indian people..i have no words. its because of people like you that this world is so messed up in the first place.

  155. 0 votes + -
    Overlawyered Said:

    I thought it sucked to be an attorney?and then this: another twin towers of finance collapse? Esquire here still killing it at 450K a year and my office is bigger than four of your trading desks? Sorry boys?but we can?t represent you when you steal twinkies at a holland tunnel gas station after you fail at whoring your assholes out. Next time, try not to creating a failing system you morons.

  156. 0 votes + -
    Angeles Said:

    I just watched this video at least 5 times, it?s absolutely hilarious. Who wrote the rap?

  157. 0 votes + -
    anon Said:

    Banc of America Securities is taking over Wall Street. How sad?

  158. 0 votes + -
    haha Said:

    wow, what a shitty year this will be.

  159. -2 votes + -
    indo baller Said:

    to that insecure racist asshole, i?m glad to see that you are afraid of us indians, and every other minority?now that we have a chance mediocre fuckers like yourself can?t hide behind mom and dad?s connections to get you your share in life. you can?t keep us from taking ur job and your paycheck bitch – deal with it

  160. 0 votes + -
    Your Stupid Said:

    Where?s the part where the bankers all get fired because their firm filed bankruptcy?

  161. 0 votes + -
    anonymous Said:

    Name the next one Lehman bros and unemployed hoes.

  162. 0 votes + -
    anonymous Said:

    Overlawyered, you really should get back to cruising the listings on the Cooley Law School alum site. I hear Detroit needs public defenders. Loan forgiveness?

  163. 0 votes + -
    Jack Said:

    John – no programmer makes $700k unless he?s in management or you?re including equity participation. bankers making 700k would probably be at the mid-VP level, which takes about 7 years post-undergrad (or 9 years if you include b-school).

  164. 0 votes + -
    Your Stupid Said:

    Bankers, your unemployment check will get you about $400/week. Good luck paying your mortgage and living your current life style on that.

  165. 0 votes + -
    anonymous Said:

    You?re right, ?Your Stupid?, and that?s about $200 less than your weekly paycheck. Maybe we should enroll in the University of Phoenix and move to a cramped apartment in Flushing just like you.

  166. +1 votes + -
    cya bankers Said:

    Im so glad Wall St is blowing up and taking ?models and bottles? with it. what a complete waste, so many losers thinking they were ballers. Its over, enjoy middle management at General Mills

  167. 0 votes + -
    RoboticSurgeon Said:

    Come on everyone, shouldn?t you stop chatting on the internet and get back to work? Ooops, sorry bout that. Oh well, we all knew your careers were unsustainable. Its just hard to feel sorry for you considering all of your arrogance and entitlement.

  168. -2 votes + -
    Wachovia Banker Said:

    I welcome all my future colleagues from Morgan Stanley! You surely will help to add value to our prestigious firm.

  169. +1 votes + -
    Overlawyered Said:

    The Cooley Alumn website is already teeming with debt collectors. I?m gonna buy up all the BMW?s coming out of this crash and export them to Russia?

  170. +1 votes + -
    Your Stupid Said:

    Look on the bright side bankers, at least you have strong ass eating skills that will serve you well when you are turning tricks outside the Holland tunnel to pay the rent.

  171. 0 votes + -
    PE Baller Said:

    PE is poised to dominate with tons of liquid cash. Bankers go up and down – consultants and lawyers just have a shitty life all the time. If your not makiing half a mil a year you should be ashamed to mention your job.

  172. 0 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    PE Baller, please throw yourself off of your luxury condo building. You are a blight and no one likes you. You were picked on as a child because you?re fundamentally weak and ugly. Please end it now, don?t wait to do it when you?re laid off in 6 months. Just kill yourself right now.

  173. 0 votes + -
    GFYBankers Said:

    Welcome to the Unites Socialist States of America, all you bankers are now owned by the government. Basically you guys will need to seek permission before even using the crapper. American bankers are assisted by Paulson?s handjob wankers. More power to the consultants

  174. 0 votes + -
    Career Change Said:

    Ok, let?s say I want to become an investment banker. How does one go about becoming a banker? seriously. If I am a freshman in college, what do I do. If I am already working in the finance industry as a computer programmer, what should I do? thanks

  175. 0 votes + -
    PE Baller Said:

    Anonymous – Just because you sent your resume in to every Ibank 10 times and never got a call back is no reason to whine like that. Laid off?? What a joke – my firm is hiring fresh meat every few months. You are losing money and we are taking it – money doesnt vanish. People like you make me laugh? Seriously, grab your 60K salary by the short and curlies and take it to bumblefuck oklahoma where you belong.

  176. 0 votes + -
    PE Baller Said:

    Career Change: First – make sure you are at at good school. Second – get a 3.8+ GPA Third – Work your ass off the start (read october) of your junior year to get an internship at a Ibank. Fourth – No one really cars about working as a programmer but holding down a job + a 3.9 GPA will help.

  177. 0 votes + -
    GFYBankers Said:

    PE Baller – What I-bank are you talking about, you mean the ?Deposit taking institutions? formely known as I-banks.. Anonymous may or may not have got a call from an I-bank, but here?s a wake up call to you?KKR couldn?t go public but wanted to, Blackstone.. ah well the less said the better.. its about time you figured out the multiple of crap your convoluted brain is currently operating on and get prepared to join the hobo line coz the shit?s gonna fall in your world before you can say ?LB Oh !?

  178. 0 votes + -
    PE Baller Said:

    When common people have the greatest fear, uncommon people (read: PE) make the greatest money. I think I?m going to go buy another Lambo today, cash. This continues to be my best earning year ever. Have fun with your fear GFYBankers! (read: common person)

  179. 0 votes + -
    GFYBankers Said:

    Hey PE Baller what?s the matter – looks like you 700 billion pieces of shit flew in your face..

  180. 0 votes + -
    Green Man Said:

    I recycled the book after reading the 1st 20 pages?

  181. 0 votes + -
    Indian-American Said:

    For all the imported Indian assholes screaming ?racism? – looked at yourselves in a mirror lately? Your people and your country are the most racist, arrogant, and fucked up on earth – and most of you guys represent the most anti-social and sociopathic individuals in the USA. Oh wait, you guys don?t actually take criticism well at all. Anytime someone says anything to you stupid fucks, you respond with: ?WAT U SAY U RACIST!!!!! INDIA IS DA BEST! WE WILL FUK U AMREEEEKANS. YOU FUCKING WHITE PEOPLE. HOW CAN U SAY V ARE WRONG. V R NEVER WRONG! V R VR VR SMAAAAWWWT AND DONT NEED YOU TO CRITICIZE OUR PERFECT COUNTRY. KUTTAY KE BACCHA. INDIA SUPERPOWER HAI HARAAMI. JAI HIND!? The above was taken verbatim from one of you dumb Indian ex-banking circle jerk nationalists from Lehman by the way. Just be lucky we give you smelly fuckers the opportunity we do when you exploit the H-1B programs to get your sewer-inhabiting filth from Delhi and Bangalore illegally bodyshopped into our country (by people of your own backgrounds who run the slave trade from your country, none the less). Americans don?t even have a quarter of the opportunity to do the same in India because of your fucked up caste system worshipping and racist political leaders that want to bomb the shit out of the United States. Oh yeah, you guys are definitely successful, successful at colonizing the USA. Our bumblefuck politicians are too stupid to realize the threat you guys are to the nation. As if stealing our intellectual property during Y2K and running off to your cabbage head country wasn?t bad enough, indeed you have sucked enough cock with your curry stained breathes to make a mark of being the yes man with maximum deniability in the financial world. Good for you. Now, just learn not to let cows shit all over your face – it really isn?t a sign of prosperity or Vishnu or your other shit-faced Gods coming to suck your dicks, it?s just gross dammit.

  182. 0 votes + -
    Indian-American Said:

    Before all the Indians jump on me? the above was completely a JOKE? I am one of the imported Indian assholes From Mumbai none the less (Bandra)? LOL it feels good to have a greencard through H-1B bodyshop slavery (make a video about that)

  183. 0 votes + -
    Indian-American Said:

    Oh and consulting gets the last laugh. Rajat Gupta had the right idea.

  184. -2 votes + -
    Eat at Joe's Said:

    hay guys you keep talking about wall street? what about MAIN STREET? MAIN STREET? MAIN STREET? MAIN STREET? where art thou Senator Obama, release us from this capitalist prison and shower upon us the spoils of being illiterate and stupid. MAIN STREET!

  185. +1 votes + -
    retired at 35 Said:

    Hilarious! As a former service provider I enjoyed it, but what I enjoy more is just not working. To the buy-side suckers: thanks for buying my biz at a stupid multiple when you could still borrow. Have fun payin? off the debt ?ballers?.

  186. +2 votes + -
    daisy Said:

    i love the comments, u guys r so rude with each other it?s hilarious.

  187. -2 votes + -
    anonymous Said:

    you guys are fucking losers. wall street is done!!!

  188. 0 votes + -
    Good one Said:

    good comments. Keep them comming!

  189. +1 votes + -
    Dope auditor Said:

    I audited McKinsey. They did not keep track of their stuff too good. Yo, peace out my banking niggahz.

  190. 0 votes + -
    MoneyMan Said:

    Hilarious video. Consultants are overpaid useless profession. Consultants are like a little hamster in a wheel?they think they are going somewhere but they are stuck in the same spot.

  191. -1 votes + -
    MrBarista Said:

    Bankers? Consultants? what?s the point? I drive a an ?08 Continental GT, work 30 hours a week, and make $22,000, 5 vacation days per year, and sick time. I am a horrible employee but that?s okay because I get to travel the world for free on the weekends and fuck hotter girls than you have time for. Being super unmotivated in life, working at Starbucks, and having an ubsurdly rich dad has never seemed nicer.

  192. 0 votes + -
    Will Said:

    ?ubsurdly rich dad.? Sure, you?re not a flame at all. All the big law bashing is pretty fucking hilarious in light of recent events with BOFA and CHASE eating everyone up. Bear Stearns! Lehman! Bwahahahahahaha.

  193. -4 votes + -
    Lazy entrepreneur Said:

    Could you bankers get back to work? I worked in finance for a few years after college, made a few hundred thousand and started a company. Sold off my shares a little over a year ago for 8 figures. Now I do nothing and invest my money for a living, but I?ve been long on Goldman for a few months and if you a**holes don?t get back to work, I might have to get a job. Oh, yeah, and bankers, if you need a new job, go teach math at my prep school! CHOATE!

  194. +2 votes + -
    hahaha Said:

    Wall Street will rise again, powered by (hyper-inflation)

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