Friday, February 1, 2008

The Money Seat

For the young professional in Manhattan, there is only one option on New Year’s Eve: spending $200 to drink all night at a single bar or club. For some, the price is daunting and hard to swallow; for Bankers, it feels cheap, homeless and takes the fun out of the experience, like eating during Restaurant Week. In any case, whether it costs more or less than our average night out, on New Years, we all do it.

For me, the $200 was a drop in the bucket. I might have paid it twice for all I know. It was a number you shrug at; and to put it in my friend Hugh’s terms: “only 2/3rds of a bottle.” That’s how Hugh measures things—in bottles. For him, the practice renders any sum trivial and makes spending casual and breezy, like it should be. A Lord Willy’s shirt—1 bottle; A black market Wii some IT guy is trying to sell on the corporate bulletin board—2 bottles. The habit is contagious, and just last week, when I heard the Back Office had put together some micro car called the Tata Nano, all I could think was: Holy shit. This thing is only like 8 bottles. And then, I do that on a Tuesday.

But there was more to this winter season than just a ticket to ‘Netti’s and a case or two worth of clothes from Bergdorf; there was a Bonus. Now out of Banking and in PE, it was still my first year Bonusing in the winter. And while it’s always nice to have someone give you few hundred k, I couldn’t help but remember last winter when I was an Analyst, looking in on the bonus hype.


There was a particular day in the middle of December that stuck out in my mind. At that point, the anticipation for numbers was insane. Associates and VPs were literally bouncing around the office, giddy, wetting themselves at the mention of the words “bonus,” “number,” or “figure,” the last of which proved particularly interesting when discussing charts.

But just as all this momentum was finally reaching a climax, it had to be bottled. Everyone was forced to set aside his excitement and eagerness to act restrained and calm, because on the day in question, not only were our office’s senior Bankers finding out their bonuses, all the firm’s senior bankers from across the country were in the office, receiving their own numbers.

As Analysts who got our bonuses in the summer, we were seemingly detached from the atmosphere; but we were actually quite involved. Thinking back on it, we had anticipated the day almost as strongly as if we were finding out our own tiering, because as the VPs and MDs would make their way out of the head of our group’s office, we’d get a glimpse of them when, for a moment, they were emotionally exposed.

Each group had an entire market built around the process, where guys wagered either before hand or the day-of who they thought would come out with a smirk on their faces and who would retreat back to their own offices wounded and ashamed. “10:1 odds that fat MD smiles” or “$500 bucks says that Asian VP from SF comes out crying like a little bitch!” And then more complicated financial instruments were built on top.

That all felt a bit too BS&T for me, but I, personally, was strongly invested in this day because visibility-wise I had, hands down, the sickest seat on the floor. Barely craning my neck around the cubes, I could monitor the expressions of everyone walking in and out of the office, and stretching a bit further, I could see the head of our group’s face as he greeted those who were entering.

Needless to say, every single Analyst wanted my seat. There’s a sweet anticipation to watching a grown man man whose life’s work is to fuck your kind over consistently with all-nighters get judged himself. You want him to do well because then it makes your team more badass, but at the same time, it’d be nice to see him wince. It’s like Jenny Humphrey hoping to see Blair Waldorf stumble, if Jenny weren’t from Brooklyn and Blair behaved exactly the same.

VPs conducted themselves drastically different from MDs in this scenario. While MDs were polished and generally had a decent sense of where they stood based on their client relationships, VPs were always just kind of out there, trying to latch on to anything they could and hoping it worked out come bonus time. As such, they reacted like goons, going in clueless and coming out with expressions that broadcast their numbers to the most significant digit. They’d have shit-eating grins and give the air a jab to the midsection or loudly whisper a curse, and we’d be reminded why, in general, VPs are really fucking lame.

Reading an MD, on the other hand, was a more sophisticated art. There could still be emotion caused by unexpected numbers, but hurt or happiness was obscured by stolid looks, showing up only in subtle, nuanced changes to their expressions.

I was a master of parsing their faces, and because of my prime positioning, I made it a point to disseminate the information I gathered out to my boys in real-time. We’d call out guys individually when one of their VPs got burned. And often, when we didn’t know someone from a different office’s name, we’d just refer to them by something geographic, like a high school or sports team from their area.

At one point, an unknown MD from the Chicago office made his way into the office to a low, rumbling “regional” chant. “RE-GION-AL…RE-GION-AL…” we repeated, in time. And when that MD exited, chin held just a touch too low, I instantly fired off the email:

“Looks like someone just reminded New Trier he’s a public school!”

And then, like a slow clap, “bushleague” coughs started to mount.

The real hitter MDs would stroll out of the office, and at the surface, they looked as calm and expressionless as when they had gone in. But as they walked by on their way out, it felt as if they smiled and winked, blanketing the room with a confident and firm: “Fuck yeah. I’m a badass. Someone go warm up the G4.” And then sometimes they would actually wink and point, motioning for someone to go warm up the G4.

They were old men, but it was the kind of masked glee that you see on a kid who’s hiding a crime, or a fat Credit Suisse chick who’s just found out there’s a fake Pinkberry opening on 23rd and Madison.

I remember that day, I saw an MD from another group with this exact type of excitement on his face. I couldn’t exactly place him, but I knew he was from the New York office and that he was fighter, a comeback kid of sorts. He had struggled initially, but with his fans behind him, he made up for it in the later months. At the time, I made emailed out some comment about Chapin’s squash team pulling out a city championship, but if it were this year, I probably would have, more appropriately, sent: “GIANTS MAKE THE SUPERBOWL!”


All that said, life is infinitely better on the Buy Side. Bonuses still come in the winter, but they are couple of orders of magnitude greater. I’ve even got my own hitter (shared) office. But as I think back on that spot on our floor, it really was The Money Seat—not even Hugh could figure out how many bottles it would be worth.

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  1. +9 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    Solid. Keep it up. ??and wed be reminded why, in general, VPs are really fucking lame.?

  2. -8 votes + -
    alex Said:

    There was a little more meat on the bone with this one, and a little less over the top hyperbole; good change of pace. Nice work Love the new trier reference.

  3. -12 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    5 on creativity, -3 on execution. Don?t quit your day job girl scout.

  4. +29 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    Three months off and this is the best you come up with? Terrible.

  5. -13 votes + -
    J3F J3F J3F J3F J3F J3F J3F Said:

    Someone go warm up the G4.??? And then sometimes they would actually wink and point, motioning for someone to go warm up the G4.

  6. -15 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    And?..he makes and awesome comeback to start the new year!!!

  7. -1 votes + -
    joemack Said:

    Could be worse.

  8. +13 votes + -
    Had its moments Said:

    ?That all felt a bit too BS&T for me? I don?t even hate on traders and I find this hilarious.

  9. +2 votes + -
    kb Said:

    welcome back

  10. -4 votes + -
    CanadianFinance Said:

    It?s been too long! Can?t wait for the book.

  11. +4 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    It insists upon itself.

  12. +25 votes + -
    Jerome Kerviel Said:

    7B baby. 300K EURO bonus in 2007 And still on top!

  13. +2 votes + -
    numbcruncher Said:

    a long but good one

  14. -2 votes + -
    West Coast Banker Said:

    Weak. I definitely question the upcoming book. It?s said that this is all he came up with since late October.

  15. -1 votes + -
    UK Said:

    Of all the references, the half I caught were mildly funny. The rest were about intra-firm envy and women?s fashion, I think.

  16. -6 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    hilarious, love the new trier comment

  17. +25 votes + -
    BroadandWall Said:

    Is my bank the only one not run by brain-dead retards? This guy hasn?t posted in so long because he was busy trying to find a new job after Wachovia laid him off.

  18. +15 votes + -
    Paulson&Co. Said:

    I cummed in your girl last night

  19. +3 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    Terrible? take a lap.

  20. +6 votes + -
    2allthezillydimesihit Said:

    this really sucked; weak narrative, weaker plot, weak characters, weak allusions- dude if you got shit-canned, just come out and say so and keep it pimpin?.

  21. +9 votes + -
    hahaha Said:

    i love how everyone hates on wachovia. If we were to remove all pages with a derogatory reference to: a. wachovia, b. retail bankers i don?t think we?d be left with much!

  22. -3 votes + -
    Chi Said:


  23. +26 votes + -
    Unanimous Said:

    It posts something funny or else it gets the hose again

  24. -14 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    *Had its moments Said: That all felt a bit too BS&T for me????I dont even hate on traders and I find this hilarious.* ????????- Blood Sweat & Tears?

  25. +4 votes + -
    Le Rosey Said:

    Correction BroadandWall, I think he was one of those guys rocking Zegna ties at Countrywide

  26. -42 votes + -
    Chicago4Ballers Said:

    The jealousy of Chicago on this board is hilarious! While finance professionals in NYC are getting laid off, Chicago is doing great. Citadel is having one of their best years ever. Enjoy your tiny cramped apartments, dirty streets, ugly women, and subpar nightlife, you NYC losers!

  27. +13 votes + -
    Hollywood Said:

    OK, but not great. I remember the days I would laugh so hard reading your shit. WTF happened to you man??

  28. +15 votes + -
    NYC4LIFE Said:

    Chicago?? Who the fuck doesn?t get that only NYC rejects got Chi-town placement. Citadel is doing great. Who cares? Sell-siders are getting laid off only because there aren?t any significant levfin groups in Chicago. Clearly it won?t effect the middle market too badly. On a side note, awful post. Always love your writing but this one was below the mark. Cheers.

  29. +30 votes + -
    MastaKilla Said:

    Chicago4Ballers, I thought we were done with you. Your insecurity about your dreary midwest existence is obvious, as is the fact that you have never been to New York. Please go away. I?m sure there?s a blog about life as a commercial lender in Illinois somewhere.

  30. -60 votes + -
    Chicago4Ballers Said:

    LOL! You guys crack me up! I went to an ivy undergrad and got job offers from NYC but turned it down for Chicago. I didn?t want to live in a shitty overpriced Manhattan apartment and spend weekend nights hitting up shitty clubs and bars that are filled with ugly girls. Yes, I?ve been to NYC plenty of times to visit friends and have been to the ?exclusive? venues. The nightlife and quality of women in NYC pale in comparison to Chicago. If you idiots actually partied at Chicago, you would know this. Oh well. I guess ignorance is bliss. Enjoy your second-tier city!

  31. +25 votes + -
    IRR Said:

    Chicago4Ballers, your posts were amusing at first (I thought you were being sarcastic). Now it?s just tiring and annoying. Stop posting. Nobody likes you or agrees with you.

  32. +24 votes + -
    Deutsch Banker Said:

    Subprime post. The malaise spreads to your writing.

  33. -14 votes + -
    mortay Said:

    Chicago? Do people even drive cars there? Jesus.

  34. -8 votes + -
    Ballsonchin Said:

    HaHaHa: Why Bifurcate ?Wachovia? and ?Retail Bankers?? The fact that Wachovia is a retail bank renders this distinction useless. Also, people on this blog like to make fun of Chicago, S&T, Liberals and people who don?t look like them. Now go back to San Francisco and take your smiley emoticon and your Jamba with you. I hear burning man is only a few months away you might want go back to where you can grow your hair out and marry your gerbil.

  35. +4 votes + -
    HTX Said:

    lame. I?ve never, ever felt the need to say that about an LSO post but really? lame. I still have high hopes for the book though. And what bank actually has their regionals come to NY in to get their numbers? most of the street (might I say, Douche Bank, ML, Citi in particular) probably cant even afford the plane ticket.

  36. +9 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    ??or a fat Credit Suisse chick whos just found out theres a fake Pinkberry opening on 23rd and Madison.? OMFG? funny as hell, can?t stop laughin!

  37. +14 votes + -
    corporate guy Said:

    Whoa! I was just in NYC visiting some pals last weekend. There isn?t a city in the world with hotter ladies. Chicago is nothing. In regards to the Wachovia comments, life could be worse. You could be working for a F500 like me.

  38. -15 votes + -
    hungover Said:

    Man, I couldnt even figure out what BS&T meant!@@#$?.I thought it was some new reference like Bridge(Subway)& Tunnel crowd or something like that? I need a drink?.. oh yeah?Chicago sux?.corn fed big ten blondes dont live in Chicago?.they live in Van Nuys, Ca and in my wunderbul dvd player?

  39. -11 votes + -
    BetterThanYou Said:

    I love reading all of the reactionary posts. The mental picture of you guys is somewhere just below Boiler Room status. It seems you all are meatheads and guidos. It occurs to me that you may have beat off to American Psycho and Wall Street one too many times. As an Ivy League grad, not fake ivy like UPenn and Cornell, and future MD I feel it necessary to put a little reality into your lives?You?re not fooling anyone. While I do concede that there are real life bankers on here, most of you sound like you are from the streets and drive Honda?s with spinners and whatever those tail lights are called. Please do not come back with any ?I?m from f***in? New Yawk bitch!? replies. If you would like to act cool and tough on the internet, may I suggest you provide proof of ownership for all of the bogus things you claim to own. Otherwise, no one believes you.

  40. -6 votes + -
    Selling Short Said:

    This is garbage, get your act together and either bring it or let us know that you?ve lost it so we don?t waste our time reading this pseudo-witty crap and dissing the oblivious Chi-town chump.

  41. -1 votes + -
    UES Said:

    namechecking chapin AND gossip girl? good post but you?ve been spending too much time with the high school kids at cain

  42. +3 votes + -
    Get a clue Said:

    Which crappy hellhole do you go to when bottles only cost $300?

  43. +25 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    BetterThanYou obviously is from Dartmouth or Brown, since he has that complex about calling himself ivy league, but only puts down Penn and Cornell. Also, he doesn?t have the tact to understand that these comments, like the post, are intended to be self-deprecating jest.

  44. +12 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    All of you have no clue what you are talking about. Banking in SF is the way to go. Get paid the same amount, rent is cheaper, work less hours, weather is unbeatable. When you get tired of the trim here, you can get on a flight and be in LA, SD or AZ in less than an hour and a half. I have been to AZ, Tahoe, and LA the past three weekends, and I am still getting paid as much as you chumps freezing your asses of in NY and Chitown. Killin it in Cali!

  45. +1 votes + -
    anon Said:

    slightly disappointed. sorry. :/

  46. 0 votes + -
    RoboticSurgeon Said:

    I?m glad you?re still finding time to write this fantasy post. You must be the only bright banker who didn?t speculate about the economy like all the other geniuses out there. I guess it doesn?t matter if you don?t know what you are doing, there is always the fed and the taxpayers to bail you out.

  47. 0 votes + -
    PE-chick Said:

    WTF?too lame?too long?and too boring!

  48. 0 votes + -
    SF Blows!!!! Said:

    San Francisco?? Are you kidding???HAHAHAHAHAHAH! Looks like we?ve got a new whipping post here boys!! Its your lucky day Chi-Town chumps! You?re off the hook!!! In SF, when the analysts talk about takin it in the ass from their VPs, they aint talkin about having to pull all nighters!!!! What a bunch a Fags!!!!!!

  49. -27 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    OK, so what does G4 refer to?

  50. +4 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    Not your best post, but still a good one. I think everyone will let this post slide because the book is coming. Is there anyway we can block all the NYC/Chi-town people from posting on here? They all claim to have gone to an Ivy league school?when in actuality, none of them did. If they did, then they would have a real job and not have time to argue about which city is better. Get a life?

  51. +44 votes + -
    David Said:

    All, I work as a Sears clerk in Ohio. I would like to go into banking. I have an associates degree from Erie Community College near Buffalo where I studied algebra and geometry, and so feel I would excel in a banking environment. Would one of you gentlemen please send me your contact information or that of a banking recruiter so that I can begin this process? It would be greatly appreciated. My email is

  52. -9 votes + -
    blah Said:

    funny David L. Boner.

  53. -9 votes + -
    NY IBanker Said:

    What does G4 refer to? Bitch, please?

  54. -13 votes + -
    DPG Said:

    Skeet N**** Skeet Skeet dadday! I?s back in dis house. Don?t know what Ya?ll talkin bout ivy league an shi? I from da skool o da streets straight inta AfricanAmerican-stone PE baller.

  55. -16 votes + -
    GJT Said:

    Buy Side. hands down?. word is another hedge fund?s gonna blow up in the next 2 weeks. should be fun. at least their is a real yield curve now. thats something that will benefit the banks. after all, the banks have been upside down for 2 years.

  56. -21 votes + -
    GJT Said:

    their = there (sp)

  57. -14 votes + -
    DTLA Said:

    I assumed BS & T – was Bullshit & Tunnel, a funny play on B & T.

  58. -6 votes + -
    the brassiere craveness Said:

    I think I saw the Chicago kid drop a ?right on sister!? after a post by penelope trunk on yahoo finance

  59. -5 votes + -
    PE-chick Said:

    WTFtoo lametoo longand too boring! Even the comments! Make it exciting guys?

  60. -13 votes + -
    RoboticSurgeon Said:

    Yawn. Don?t know why I bother reading this site, seems like everyone is a Jerome Kerviel wannabe. I guess I?m just intrigued by people?s lack of touch with reality and massively inflated sense of self-worth. I bet you guys jerk off to The Apprentice. Enjoy your miserable future?

  61. +4 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    touch it girl.

  62. -11 votes + -
    Exbanker Chick Said:

    I never understand the need you all have to put down UPenn and Cornell as ?sub-par? Ivy league, when they are the only two with accredited undergrad business / finance programs?

  63. +7 votes + -
    MT Said:

    First ? lame effort. I had to google Blair Waldorf to figure out what you were talking about. Maybe you should spend less time watching the CW and more time on the blog. Second ? BS&T is a play on Sales & Trading. Anyone that didn?t get that one probably does work at Wachovia.

  64. -11 votes + -
    Gilding the Lily Said:

    NY is a one-trick pony. It is Detroit without the cars. It is one-step away from a fcking memo that requires analysts and women to wear a headdress. NY?ers are on the titanic, oblivious of the their shinking ship. Chicago has lasting power.

  65. -4 votes + -
    anon Said:

    bull s*it and trading

  66. -1 votes + -
    GoldStandard Said:

    ^^ Thank God someone got that? OK post. The G4 and New Trier lines were gold.

  67. -2 votes + -
    Yaawn Said:

    Yuck Yuck Yuck

  68. -20 votes + -
    GJT Said:

    I love the fact that all these FI?s that are sticking it out and not selling the CDO, SIVs etc on their books (which I agree with?I hate selling anything for 50 cents on the dollar) talk about ?unrealized losses? like it?s nothing that?s a REAL problem. IT IS a REAL problem?it still effects your capital position, bottom line!! The same goes for ?realized gains?, WTF!?, real textbook! I?ll trade circles around you clowns. While your all out buying the bar thinking your p-diddy status Im saving my money & buying all these beat up financials so I can sell them when I retire (in 20 years) and makes 15X?s my initial investments. Its so obvious, but yet you feel the need to argue which city is ?cooler?. fucking stupid. Look at Mark McGoldrick, he made BILLIONS for goldman (**the highest in Wall Street history) while in a 1 bedroom apartment in Asia. Who the F cares where you live, the key is being happy and making money. support all your luxurious banter with some better shit than this and maybe i?ll re-consider that you?re first name is Bud and your last is Fox.

  69. +16 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    ex-banker chick is a 200 lb 5?6? tall frigid dyke

  70. +6 votes + -
    Kevin Said:

    Welcome back. A very good post. Good luck with the new book. I will buy it. How many bottles will it cost?

  71. +6 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    My cock is so hard for exbanker chick. We put those schools down for the exact reason that they have accredited undergrad business/finance programs. They are vocational schools.

  72. +1 votes + -
    Bitchtern Said:

    Good work.

  73. +11 votes + -
    RichBich Said:

    Chicago4Ballers, did you ever wonder why the cost of living is higher in NYC than any other city in the U.S.? You pay for what you get. Chicago is not some ?hidden gem? that is relatively cheaper and that no one has discovered yet. It?s more expensive to live in New York because everyone wants to live here. Prices are high b/c we gotta keep the riff raff out (namely people who think Chicago is better). Listen, I like Chicago but seriously, post again when you know what the hell you?re talking about. And stop posting that crap about Chicago chicks being hotter. I?m sure if you could get a girl here, you wouldn?t be saying that. BTW, dude needs to make it happen with the next story. This one was not his best piece.

  74. -15 votes + -
    Big Red Said:

    what?s wrong with cornell?

  75. 0 votes + -
    PE-chick Said:

    Tried hard to LOL?alas!

  76. -17 votes + -
    Chicago4Ballers Said:

    RichBich, You?re a moron pal. People move to NYC because they bought into the media hype about NYC being the ?center of the world.? They watch shows like Sex and the City or Gossip Girl and fantasize about being in NYC. Then after a few years, they realize how overrated it is and move to better places, such as Chicago. Do you realize that NYC is losing population every year? Of course not, since you are drinking the NYC kool-aid. Regarding girls, this is downright laughable. Let me know when Playboy decides to cover college girls in NYC. LOL! I am disgusted with the quality of women in NYC every time I visit. If you want to see hot All-American chicks, Chicago is the place to be. You?ll probably soil your underwear within five minutes if you walk around gold coast or lincoln park during summer. You should get back to your back office job at Merrill. I?m done with ignorant fools like you.

  77. +33 votes + -
    Buyside Said:

    Scoring a Leveraged Finance Job at BB Bank – $200,000 (Education) Blackberry Curve Thanks MD??? 3 pairs of Ferragamo loafers – $1,200 Security Deposit for Murray Hill Studio – $4,000 10 Thomas Pink Shirts – $2,000 5 Pairs of Zenella Slacks $1,725 Submariner Rolex $5,000 6 Months paying for bottle service for B&T Girls at Martignettis $9,000 Year-end Bonus after Credit Crisis – $0,000 Leaving for the Buyside before the Credit Crisis PRICELESS

  78. -18 votes + -
    Chicago4lyf Said:

    Shit, bitches don?t know bout my Avondale condo. Chi-town what mufucka!

  79. +19 votes + -
    yo mama Said:

    my chick survey: Chicago – Maybe it?s just that i didn?t know the best places to go, but when i went to chicago, it was all cankles, chunky mexicans, and the occasional hot midwest transplant who?s on the verge of getting chubby. Southern Cal – the same could be said of Los Angeles, until my friends took me out in hollywood and i was floored by the talent – and they were relatively approachable, if at least in a superficial way. Outside of hollywood and some other isolated pockets, it was about the same as the rest of country. the asian girls are unbelievable. New York – NYC makes my head spin with all the pretty girls walking around lower manhattan (few other places in this city though). They were more approachable than i was led to believe, but still not very good – and every decent spot was a cock-fest. my (lame?) friends tell me i need to be a 6 foot 3 inch WASP to be able to pull the quality nyc girls. otherwise it?s average pickings. D.C. – similar to NYC but maybe less of the high-end talent. higher proportion of hot college chicks and awesome summer interns. Bumblefuck – pittsburgh, houston, atlanta, st. louis, and iowa had very approachable girls, but except for the college and immediate-post-college chicks, it was pretty average. (i.e. these girls decompensate quickly).- dallas and Wilmington NC were possible exceptions. lots of ugly minorities everywhere. South florida – kind of a combo of NYC and LA, except the girls are sluttier and more easily impressed by money. quite bad male-female ratio. San Francisco bay area, Portland, and Seattle are horrendous in every imaginable way. Boston – ridiculously overrated. almost as bad as the pacific northwest. (To the boston-supporters: having a 1000 hot sorority chicks does not make a dent in a a city of 1M people) san diego – Worse than LA, but not by a lot. and fewer gold-diggers. comments? disagreements? i have no life.

  80. +6 votes + -
    Limited Pahtnah Said:

    Thomas Pink = Polo of England. 2002 is on line one.

  81. -26 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    What?s so bad about Wachovia? Haven?t they done a lot better than a lot of the new york banks over the past 5-10 years? Aren?t lots of bankers from ?first tier? banks going to work there now?

  82. +4 votes + -
    Ace Rothstein Said:

    none of you boys have shit on south beach. enjoy the winter and the pale-skinned ?all-americans?

  83. +35 votes + -
    6' 3'' WASP Said:

    Hey Wachovia bankers, what are you guys going to spend your $600 economic stimulus checks on?

  84. +21 votes + -
    Clockwork Said:

    Chicago4Ballers – Shut the fuck up bitch, your desperation to justify your piss-poor decision to live in some crap Midwestern wannabe-city is showing. First off, the population of New York City is declining? Link? Everything I?ve read recently says it is increasing. Many of those who do move out are hacks who can?t handle a real city and end up moving to the likes of that shithole center of a cornfield you call home. Drinking New York?s Kool Aid?? Yeah, all those Paris and London transplants I see hanging out in SoHo have NO idea what a real city is like, they?ve completely been fooled by the ?New York media.? Facts – Chicago is ranked higher in obesity than New York City, Chicago is also ranked higher in crime. Chicago citizens are proud they have to deal with a shitload of cold-ass wind (the Windy City? WTF?), and they consider the hot dog a gourmet food. Everyone I know personally who has ever lived in Chicago readily admits the girls there are mostly hideous (except Internet tough-guy pussies like yourself). Your entire ?city? was once burned down by a cow (even the cows out there know Chicago sucks). Once a blue collar, crime ridden shithole in the center of nowhere, always a blue collar, crime ridden shithole in the center of nowhere. At least California cities can compete with hot women and warm weather, but you have nothing. Go back to drinking your PBR and leave the Big Boy talk to those of us who have actually traveled outside our neighborhoods (and thus know what we are talking about).

  85. +2 votes + -
    anon Said:

    not bad buyside – you should get a part-time gig at mastercard – nowadays who knows where the cash flow will need to come from. by the way, what is with all the thug-life names on this website? where have all the real bankers gone?

  86. +1 votes + -
    RichBich Said:

    ChicagoBalls4Brains, What did I tell you about posting before you know what the hell you?re talking about??? Now, I want you to stop masturbating for 1 hour and study Clockwork?s post really, super hard. I will be quizzing next week.

  87. +14 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    Damn Buyside you got a rolex? I just graduated from high school too!!!!

  88. +5 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    Yo mama: Even quality NYC girls are relatively easy (as long as you are not, say a midget or really ugly), especially if you have some credentials. Your friends are losers. Also, For real quality chicks you need to cross the Atlantic. Visit Barcelona/Ibiza then get back to us.

  89. +7 votes + -
    anon Said:

    i?ve visited barcelona a number of times. extremely over-rated. and they?re getting as fat as americans.

  90. +3 votes + -
    Baller VP Said:

    Chicago? you gotta be kidding. there are no bankers in chitown

  91. +3 votes + -
    40.0x your Mom Said:

    Worst thread in awhile. Feels contrived. Lacking the flair and charm of classics such as brickbreakmyheart and optimus subprime

  92. +2 votes + -
    Jeffries son Said:

    re-read brick break my heart at 40.0x suggestion. what a great post. weak comments though.

  93. 0 votes + -
    Chicago4Ballers Said:

    Clockwork, Your insecurity about living in NYC is really transparent. First, virtually all the crime that is committed in Chicago is over in the south side, which is our equivalent of the Bronx. From the south loop all the way north to rogers park, the city is extremely safe. Second, Manhattan still has housing projects in lower east side, chelsea, lincoln center, and upper east side! What a trashy city! Chicago demolished the housing projects a few years back. The city is 100% gentrified. Also, look at how pathetic housing in NYC is. Manhattan is full of ugly old low-rise buildings while Chicago is inundated with luxury brand new high-rise condos. Chicago is modern and hip while NYC is old and decaying. The future belongs to Chicago, and it?s hilarious that you?re denying this obvious trend. Regarding nightlife and women, you obviously have never been to the hot Chicago spots, which blow away NYC venues. Bungalow 8, rose bar, box, socialista, are a joke compared to the top Chicago clubs/lounges. Come visit Chicago in June and say with a straight face that NYC has hotter girls. You?re a freaking joke, just like NYC.

  94. +10 votes + -
    S&T and DAMN PROUD OF IT Said:

    Chicago has contributed 3 worthwhile __ that make like in this world more enjoyable? 1. Ditka and the Polish Sausage skit 2. Kanye West 3. Michael Jordan and his infamous tongue Oh shit, wait a second. Kanye would give anything to be from a NY Borough like Pun (BX) or Jay-Z (BK) or Nas (Queens) and MJ was born in NY! In conclusion: Your city produces fat, sausage loving football fans who are still rooting for a team from the 80s (reference to the nearly undefeated season of the ?85 Chicago Bears). Something to consider: Judging from this last blog, our author may have been transferred there!

  95. -3 votes + -
    Anon Said:

    Chi-town, did you get butt hurt by that New Trier comment?

  96. -1 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    i just blew my load

  97. 0 votes + -
    Anonymous ok Said:

    A sparkling Aeron. That?s hot.

  98. +3 votes + -
    I live in Chicago Said:

    This place sucks

  99. 0 votes + -
    The Super Bowl Shuffle Said:

    Need i say more?

  100. +9 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    Chicago4Ballers, you?ve been stuck in the midwest too long. Dudes in Chicago will drool over any girl that has had a membership to a tanning salon for two weeks and dropped $50 at the Hair Cuttery for a shitty blond dye job. That city is loaded with post-college (state school) sorority girls that are all carrying at least an extra 15 lbs. Who ever mentioned Ibiza, yeah it was cool??.10 fucking years ago. Have you ever been to Ibiza? It?s loaded with Eurotrash and dumb fucks from the states that think they are high class. I think every Powerball winner in America has taken a trip to Ibiza. The trim in NYC has never impressed me either, but it is certainly better than any city in the midwest. Hands down, the best looking girls in the country are from the Carolinas. And not the New England and New York transplants, the girls who were actually raised there and know how to present themselves.

  101. +6 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    Aside from all the bullshit that?s been said, you can?t really argue about the talent of chicks in nyc. Whoever says the city is hurting for talent is just really fucking dumb. Case in point, open up the latest SI swimsuit issue and read the interviews with the models. Although they come from all over the world, damn near all of them now reside in NYC. This is coming from a Bostonian.

  102. -4 votes + -
    BetterThanYou Said:

    Why is Rolex continually the benchmark of status for poors? Ah well, no time to ponder. Digging my heels in for a long week?if you don?t know why, you must not be an asset.

  103. +2 votes + -
    honey Said:

    w4m in chicago! i heard this was THE place for chicago guys. no blocked calls !

  104. -1 votes + -
    Pistol Said:

    new trier reference is money, great work as usual

  105. +7 votes + -
    anon Said:

    Great idea GTJ! I mean, I never realized that we could just sell these CDO?s/Loans/SP?s to get rid of them! Hold on while I get our trading desk on the phone because I?m sure they?re really going to hear this? You know, it?s funny?just last week I was in the elevator and I overheard a head trader talking about how many people there were globally who had Billions of dollars lying around that they were just dying to throw at a large pool of collateral that they didn?t know $h!t about. They?re really going to love this? I mean, I?m sure they?ll be dissappointed to sell at a loss at first, but I?m sure they?ll forget all about the actual credit quality of these products when I tell them that I got the rec from some guy on a message board whose really optomistic about the financials he?s going to buy in his retirement account?

  106. +9 votes + -
    Clockwork Said:

    Chicago4Ballers: F for reading comprehension and analysis, F for debate. You managed to completely misinterpret or ignore most of my points while offering only weak evidence supporting your argument. On Crime: If you knew any better, you would know that New York City?s crime statistics cover all five boroughs including the Bronx, which is OUR equivalent of the Bronx. So you can eliminate the south side, we?ll eliminate the Bronx, and we still have less crime than your cesspool town. Regarding the projects and other buildings: Really? Bumblefuck, IL has fewer project buildings than the largest city in the United States? Here?s another location with fewer project buildings than New York: Fargo, ND. It is about as cosmopolitan as Chicago and has only marginally worse weather. Projects in NY are not the same as Cabrini-Green in Chicago; they virtually have zero effect on crime or property value in the neighborhood. As for ugly buildings vs. high rises, no one cares. In NY I can tell a tourist because he is looking up. Who gives a fuck what most buildings look like? If you want to live in a brand-new, floor-to-ceiling glass high rise then you can. If you want to live in a pre-war building because you like the character, you can. We have everything from beautiful brownstones to glass towers to nondescript, old factories that contain 11,000 square foot lofts and apartments. I would venture to guess we have more ?luxury brand new high-rise condos? in Manhattan alone than are contained in the entire city of Chicago. On ?obvious trends?: If the trend is so obvious, why do demographic statistics for Chicago project that in 2005 (the latest numbers available) Chicago had a -1.8% rate of population growth (New York is projected to have had +1.7%)? No movie stars live there, no models, you have no film festivals, no fashion week, no major conventions, nothing. In short, you sound like a broken record (Chicago has hot girls! Chicago has great clubs! Chicago is for ballers!), but your assertions are belied by Chicago?s obesity and crime rates. I might also point out that life is not all about clubs. In NY I have a million other things to do, places to go and people to see in ADDITION to having the best clubs, museums, events, parties, bars and restaurants in the country. Your low levels of class and sophistication obviously limit your activities to hanging out in clubs; clubs which you assert are better than a handful of New York clubs but for some reason or another remain nameless. Chicago is fine to visit (why only in June?), and I?m sure it?s great for those who can?t hack it in the Big Apple, but be honest with yourself, it?s not even on the same tier as New York.

  107. +3 votes + -
    baller-analyst-in-Akron Said:

    NYC, Chicago all got nothing! Ya?ll never been to Akron. ********?s mobile-real-estate finance desk Akron office is where its at, and you yankee banks will never touch us! Models & Bottles. Also, I nocked up yo bitch.

  108. -6 votes + -
    GJT Said:

    anon?.that?s all you have? Come on. I can read. Please, please?..please tell me how I?m wrong and you are right. I know your just dying to tell everyone. Tell me how you didnt go from a bank teller a few years ago, to the back office of a wirehouse, then to a sales assistant (that you currently hold) at a small boutique in the city. your tone screams ?I didnt make it!?

  109. -3 votes + -
    GJT Said:

    anon, next time you go to dinner order a bottle of verite Le desir 2002 and put a decent shirt on. you make lower manhattan look like staten island. im curious, what do you do? and you a ?USD? and ?NIM2? er???? Hmmm?.do you only sell things at par? (cough) did someone say ?order taker?? must be nice. vacation?sick days?i could ONLY imagine.

  110. 0 votes + -
    anon Said:

    Sounds like a bunch of DBs on this board right now. Texas puts all states to shame.

  111. +3 votes + -
    VB Said:

    This brings less to the table than my ethnic-minority servant after a horrendous beating. I hate to jump on this bash-LS bandwagon but I will give some advice: You did better when your pieces were dripping with the bitterness and angst that is the banker?s life. The ?buy-side? has made you soft and fat.

  112. +8 votes + -
    baller-analyst-in-Akron Said:

    Is it strange if I think my cousin is hot?

  113. +5 votes + -
    anon (GTJ) Said:

    ?Come on. I can read. Please, please..please tell me how Im wrong and you are right.? Your initial post implies that CDO?s are liquid instruments that banks could simply sell at will. Furthermore, it seems that you?re attributing writedowns to credit quality, not the fact that bids simply aren?t out there. (Pop quiz, can you list current Subprime, Alt A, High Yield, CMBS and Fannie/Freddie Delinquencies?) Finally, you reference ?realized losses? like that?s the metric used to value large FI?s. It?s almost like you?re ignoring the effect writedown?s have on the bottom line, and assuming that banks view their performance the same way some daytrader at First New York Securities futily tries to manage P&L. To answer your question, I work in Securitization at one of the banks I assume you?r referring to? I?d go into more detail on your other ad hominem arguments, but telling you where I buy my shirts and what type of wine I like isn?t exactly verifiable?

  114. -19 votes + -
    Chicago4Ballers Said:

    Clockwork, It seems like you?re the one who has a hard time dealing with facts. First, Chicago tore down Cabrini green and other undesirable housing projects. Unlike NYC, Chicago is thoroughly gentrified. Violent black thugs live on the south side, away from the civilized areas. From south loop all the way north to rogers park, Chicago is entirely white and safe. It?s the model of what a modern city should be. In sharp contrast, black criminals, puerto ricans, and other undesirables roam the streets of Manhattan, waiting for an opportunity to kill, rape, or steal. New Yorkers in general lack common sense of decency, which is why the city is so dirty. Every time I visit, I would see people urinating on the streets. NYC is a disgusting urban cesspool, reminiscent of a third world city. Second, you insist that there?s a ?million? things to do in NYC, aside from clubs, restaurants, etc. We both know that is complete bullshit. People in any major city basically do similar things for fun: drinking at a club or bar, eating out, museums, various events, house parties, going to a sports game, etc. Your assertion that NYC is qualitatively different from other cities is laughably absurd and delusional. I?ll be more than happy to give you the names of Chicago clubs that are vastly superior to NYC venues. But it really doesn?t matter since you?re an ugly New Yorker who won?t get in anyway. Next time you?re in this great city though, try to check out krem on sunday, stone lotus on tuesday, y bar on wednesday, underground on friday, or rednofive after 1 AM. All those places have a cooler vibe and hotter girls than lousy NYC spots. Enjoy your back office job at Bear Stearns. By the way, how?s your cockroach infested studio apartment that you?re paying $3K/month for?

  115. +2 votes + -
    anon (GTJ) Said:

    By the way saying you?d drink a bordeaux-style wine, that?s only been aged for six years, with dinner doesn?t really reflect positively on your wine knowledge. Let me guess, you also wear a Breitling with diamonds around the dial and drink your hennessy on the rocks?

  116. +10 votes + -
    ding Said:

    Chicago4Ballers, I think we?re all happy you really love Chicago. And if Chicago is good enough for you, then I hope you are able to live the rest of your life there, far away from the rest of civilization. Enjoy your night out and ?underground.? I hope you find one of those ?hot? mid-western Playboy models to deposit your sub-grade semen into. You pedestrian mid-western fool.

  117. -2 votes + -
    wow Said:

    this is the worst? i thought you guys were trying to sell a book

  118. +9 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    Chicago4Ballers, You sir, are a d-bag of highest degree. You have never ventured out of Chiscago (except for NY it seems), and the one/two times you visited there, probably left crying sour grapes. NY is a fun city (even though I don?t live there). By no means am I saying that Chicago isn?t either, but honestly, how many model-quality girls have you seen roaming about the streets in Chicago? Of course NY doesn?t stand a chance compared to Prague, Reykjavik, or Munich (cities I have been to), but the bottom line is fun follows you if you know how to have fun. And please don?t try to show off that you?re increadibly loaded, because you?re not – from the sounds of it you?re appalled by the 3k/month rent – just goes to show what your budget is. And as far as your job and intellect go – questionable, and questionable. Keep doing that 1st/2nd/3rd year banking gig hoping to score a deal in the shitty market. You just wish you were in Oil & Gas (on the West Coast).

  119. +2 votes + -
    baller-analyst-in-Akron Said:

    PE Chick-Loose Labia Sink Ships!

  120. 0 votes + -
    Bankers_Take_It_In_The_Culo Said:

    I hate bankers. Thats all I have to say. They come to my company all the time, try to sell us garbage and think we are just going to bite because they know how to match their ties with their suits. Get it through your fin heads, you are all losers who couldnt make it to the buyside. Hedgefunds are the new power and there is nothing any of you can do anything about. Keep coming to my office and seeling your crap and Ill keep rejecting it till I find my $ trade. Traders are king and the bankers are the jesters. Hedgefunds are the new world order and bankers are their bitches.

  121. -9 votes + -
    GJT Said:

    it seems you didnt get exactly what I was trying to say with respect to comments made about unrealized gain/losses from CEO & CFOs and these losses on their portfolios/the impact of re-pricing. I most certainly AM attributing writedowns to credit quality (actual rating changes). The rating agencies are the best lagging indicators of our time. The day I wont buy a NY Port Authority muni because Im worried about it going under is the day you?ll see pigs fly. and excusez-moi! there is a liquid CDO market?.mostly UK/Asia buyers right now. all the large banks have units that trade them. if you work for one why don?t you know that?

  122. +1 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    Bankers_Take_It_In_The_Culo is most likely some form of Latin American. I think that speaks for itself. How was SEO?

  123. 0 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    sure, there are CDO?s out there that are liquid; however, those aren?t the things that are written down. Banks aren?t in trouble over older vintage super-senior tranches held in inventory. Essentially, if you can trade it, then it?s considered a type II asset and can be marked to market, and believe me, if a bank can classify something as a type II asset it will. The problem is that there are things like equity tranches of old CDO?s and originated mortages/B-notes/mezz that were intended to be securitized that simply can?t be sold because either the Hedge Funds who used to buy them have blown out, or because the market for new issues is so poor. As to credit, the stuff, I think the role the agencies play is a little overrated with respect to write-downs. As I stated earlier, the stuff held is either already high yield, or hasn?t been rated yet, so the credit quality is judged based on the actual collateral as opposed to what the ratings agencies think. There is an actual value to these things. At some point the sale/hold decision turns into figuring out what assumptions the market is making, and then comparing the market assumptions to what you actually know about your portfolio, that the market doesn?t know. While you still have to securitize some stuff so you have bullets to do business if the market does bounce back quicker then expected, in a lot of cases, based on what you actually know about your assets, it simply pays to be a temporary portfolio lender?

  124. +17 votes + -
    PE god Said:

    Dear LSO: Due do the following Material Adverse Changes in your website, we feel that we can no longer continue reading it: 1. You have abandoned your blog for your book and what few posts you have put up suck (we suspect they may in fact have been written by someone else). 2. Comments which used to be hilarious and esoteric are now polluted by the filth of unwashed heartland fcukheads. We regret having to part ways in these circumstances, and wish you best of luck in the future. ?PE God

  125. +1 votes + -
    PE-Chick Said:


  126. -2 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    go suck a teller?s dick!

  127. -1 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    go suck a teller?s dick!

  128. +3 votes + -
    JD Said:

    There?s nothing more funny than the guidos who think they?re real bankers. I went to high school with a bunch of guidos, these guys do shit work like private client services or construct fukking ETFs and they think they?re bankers when they?re really the very bottom of the barrel on Wall Street. Our receptionists are biggers BSDs than they are.

  129. +6 votes + -
    Unanimous Said:

    Chicago4Ballers ?- ?Chicago is entirely white and safe. Its the model of what a modern city should be. In sharp contrast, black criminals, puerto ricans, and other undesirables roam the streets of Manhattan? JAWOHL MEIN FUHRER!! I TOTALLY AGREE!!!! Fellow New Yorkers, lets listen to this man and implement Chicago?s final solution

  130. -1 votes + -
    Unanimous Said:

    In case any of you retards are wondering, the Chicago4Ballers comment was a joke . (This will look really weird if that doesn?t get moderator approval)

  131. +3 votes + -
    dragonslayer Said:

    it?s about time. asshole.

  132. +1 votes + -
    dc native Said:

    stop hating on new trier, if you went to real private school you know you?re above them and don?t need to put down the underpriviledged.

  133. 0 votes + -
    Frequent Flier Said:

    G-4? Come on now, If you?d visited a Million Air FBO recently or have even bought a flying magazine in the last 5 years, you?d know that the G-4 and G5 are so past tense? 1990s vintage Private Aircraft?. the real deal now is the G-550

  134. 0 votes + -
    Frequent Flier Said:

    BTW, how many of you wanna be ?success? even know what an FBO is ? For the few of you who?ve been on a road show?.You?ll know the answer..

  135. +3 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    i make 800k.

  136. 0 votes + -
    wallstreeter Said:

    I hate that racist shit.

  137. +1 votes + -
    Larry Summers Said:

    Banker chicks = Sluts!!!!

  138. -4 votes + -
    Florida_Girl Said:

    I love this blog! I live in FL, and I work in banking, and just found this on the internet a few weeks ago. I work for Merrill Lynch??I wish all of you sexy intelligent Ivy League guys were in Florida?.the guys here are somewhat mediocre, except for the Southern gentlemen types. Ok, can someone educate me on a few things: 1.) Why does everyone make fun of Wachovia? I?m not trying to be naive, this is a real question. I know it?s not an investment bank, it?s a retail bank, is that why everyone makes fun of them? They seem better than all of the other retail banks. That?s my impression, at least. 2.) Why is everyone so mean on this blog? I?m sure most of us were raised better than that?.the vulgarity is an unnecessary form of communication between (supposedly) educated and professional people in the financial field. I?m not judging anyone, just trying to provoke thought. Oh, I have another question: what is bs&t? sales and trading? and what does ?trier? mean? I caught the G4 comment immediately, so that?s some consolation for remaining incognizant on most PE, venture, IB, and hedge terms. My friend?s dad runs a hedge fund, but I never ask him any questions about it. Maybe all of you studs can educate me. Thanks!

  139. 0 votes + -
    Florida_Girl Said:

    Oh, and NYC girls are really hot. Palm Beach is really my favorite place though! If you are ever in South Florida you HAVE to go to The Breakers for Sunday brunch.

  140. -1 votes + -
    collegekid Said:

    So are most of the people that work in i-banks or finance in general douchebags? Or is it just that douchebags congregate over the internet? I?m thinking about avoiding finance because of the douchebaggery, Thanks! -College kid

  141. 0 votes + -
    Anonymous Said:

    You?ve done alot better before.. i thought by waiting 10 months we would have got something worth reading. Your better than that.

  142. +2 votes + -
    jambazi Said:

    Chicago4Ballers, shut the F up son!! I live in Chi and the weather stinks; fat honies, so pls stop breathlessly defending the city; im quite disgusted with how the honies think they are so NY, sex in the city, when they?ve never left the city; shiiiiiittt, honies from Michigan think Chi is it; dude, ive been all over Africa, and there are more happening cities; shit, war torn Nairboi is more jumping; flee infested Djibouti is more wicked; do you know the capital of Djibouti?

  143. +4 votes + -
    TheRealBaller Said:

    You guys ain?t ballers. I?m so baller, my toilet paper is made out of Turnbull & Asser cotton. And I throw my Charvet and Kiton ties out after using them once. f?n Brooks Brothers. Why don?t you poor ass losers get back to the salvation army and soup kitchen where you belong.

  144. -5 votes + -
    Dr. Sam Beckett Said:

    This site sucks now?.call it LeveragedSMELLout

  145. 0 votes + -
    Lance Said:

    For me, the $200 was a drop in the bucket. I might have paid it twice for all I know I love how obnoxious that is. S&T foreva!

  146. -4 votes + -
    Appalled Said:

    Wow you guys are pathetic

  147. +1 votes + -
    ? Said:

    Will you please write a new story, or else I will have to start doing actual work during the week!

  148. +3 votes + -
    hillary Said:

    i am coming for that ass ps obama sux pps i am a dyke

  149. +4 votes + -
    Eliot Spitzer Said:

    Any BSC ladies need a few bucks?

  150. -1 votes + -
    Sin Said:

    The capital of Djibouti is Djibouti. Is the author spoofing general uptight wasp-ness (silly wasps, finance is not an aristocrat?s game) Or is he specifically doing a bateman?

  151. 0 votes + -
    Mikey Said:

    The far more interesting post will be next Feb when the banker is asked to give some cash back, assuming he hasn?t been fired.

  152. -1 votes + -
    New Card Said:

    It seems TheRealBaller doesn?t understand the term Neuvo-Riche. B Bros is classic wear like J. Press. But I take it you didn?t go to a boarding school or come from a legitimate blood line. Take it back to New Jersey. And if you want to drop greasy Italian brand names like classless lower east side hookers, then at least mention Loro Piana and Brioni.

  153. -1 votes + -
    MS Said:

    it should be z4 and not g4

  154. -1 votes + -
    eh Said:

    I?m kinda done reading you. Been scanning and not even following much, you?re not funny enough. I?m not even sure what you are actually. A retard around women??? You seem at best a wannabee frat guy (who you put down). Or a very poor copycat of American Psycho (lite)? If you are supposed to be satirizing the bankers, you are so enmeshed in the world (status, power, etc.) that no other view remotely is presented for contrast. Mainly you seem to cut lesser banker mortals, but this gets tired and do you really present yourself as some killer banker? Maybe I didn?t read enough or scanned too much, but I don?t care certainly.

  155. 0 votes + -
    PE-Chick Said:

    NY rocks?.Chi-town sux?and all u guys out here are quite lame!

  156. 0 votes + -
    Randall Cunningham Said:

    @ Chicago4Ballers: Stop bein a little sn*tch-*ss, b*tch-*ss c*cksucker. Undoubtedly you are one of those annoying midwestern gnats with those accents that need to use hooked-on-phonics. If you lived in New York you?d be one of those creepy male receptionists at a second tier deal brokerage firm. You would look down when you see a real n*gga or PE professional (they?re one in the same, no?) walking past you on the street and you probably browse craigslist during your free time looking for guys who want to ?experiment.? Just stay the f*ck away from us you c*m bucket!!

  157. 0 votes + -
    chicago player Said:

    lol new trier? absolutely classic

  158. 0 votes + -
    eh pt 2 Said:

    dear scuff shoes, don?t you fucking pad yourselves on the back for this optimus subprime garbge you low paid slope forhead bystanders. you couldn?t push this stank to a norwegian pension fund in 2006. and no shit these arent bankers posts their amateurs. please, die. better yet, erase this analyst?s story, eat shit, then die.

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