From: E from the bank formerly known as First Boston, London/Tokyo
Dearest Comrades,
After five years at CS(FB) my time here has come to an end. While it's been a pleasure 
to work for all of you thus far, I've decided that I need a drastic change to help me 
realise my full potential (somehow I'm still idealistic).
To send me off in good spirits, please join me for drinks tonight at the Slug and Lettuce 
from 6pm. Do keep in touch.
Anyways, I leave you all with some lyrics to think about.
Once again, I hope our paths cross in the near future.
Disclaimer: The following lyrics do not represent the views of anyonebut the author's 
distorted alter ego. FYI, this wasn't created to offend anyone; was just for fun, actually...

An Ode to First Boston

There's only one First Boston and that's all I wanna represent
It's the people, we the players, who make it look easier than the rest
Make sure you got the right guides who give you adequate support
Otherwise you'd be bustin' your a$$ and before you know it you'll be broke

There's only one First Boston and you gotta represent,
We the pimps, we the players, who make it look easier than the rest

Sometimes you got the g!mps, in the midst of their mess
Dependent on the rest for their bonus and their stress
They the king of politics and know where to kiss the best,
But when it gets down to the crunch, there are few who pass the test
It's the real First Bostonites reaching down from their crest


We ridin on this sea turbulent as we know it
Kickin' convertibles out the door, we number one so you best be pitchin it
Interest rates rising, so we come to the rescue
Our corporates and convert arb funds, happier than the most
Two weeks is all we need, that's not all that we can boast.
Pay me what I deserve and you'll get the smile n' jokes
Otherwise be prepared, 'cause I'll be walkin' out the front door


Each day I don't see clients, I grow my goatee
We ain't slaves, we ain't beep, we just youth with a dream
We tell you of our problems and you give us your little spiel
It just sounds like a lot of hot air that smells kinda funky,
you can do better than that, all you gotta do is keep it real.